Consumer data and acquisition marketing: brings the party to inboxes

NEW YORK, Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A question for businesses seeking to amplify customer engagement...why rent data when you can own it? And why not own the highest-quality, most convertible records available?

Acquinity Interactive, a premier performance marketing and lead generation company, today announced the launch of their Political List and Data sales division. Consumer visitor demographics are derived and recorded from Acquinity property, part of Acquinity's Quantcast-ranked top-100 network of online communities. is the destination of choice for hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens seeking awareness of issues impacting their lives at the local, state, national and even global level. Visitors are also given a voice via daily opinion polls and surveys...invaluable barometers of trends and partisan sentiment. Poll responders are also encouraged to share opinions with an ever-expanding audience via's Facebook page, which currently has over 62,000 Likes.

Unlike the majority of list and database rental companies, Acquinity allows clients to keep our data indefinitely; repeat usage is encouraged. Plus consumer records are added and appended daily, not monthly, quarterly or annually. record selects include first/last name, email address, date of birth, city/state/zip, political party, gender and past poll topics/responses. Purchasers may also request the creation and launch of a new poll with customized questions and fields. Acquinity's email verification process employs LeadSpend and BriteVerify...enterprise partners that reduce email bounces and increase open rates. These vendor services are offered at no additional charge.

Potential uses for consumer records: political mailings, acquisition campaigns, products testing, polls, surveys, subscription offers and non-profit donation drives.

According to a September 12, 2012 article, big data equals big money.

U.S. political parties might have been among the first--and most aggressive--users of spot surveys, exit polls, and daily measures of the changing opinions of American voters. However, they still are in the rudimentary stages of learning how to find uniquely valuable information from big-data sources or use that information to their advantage, according to specialists in numbers-driven campaign tactics, marketing, and information management.

"The explosion of consumer data derived primarily from credit card usage and Nielsen ratings," added to other available data, became "a powerful weapon in the hands of politicos," noted Columbia journalism professor and electoral politics expert Thomas B. Edsall.

Targeted surveys; purchases of demographic and behavioral information from data brokers; and gathering names through Twitter, Facebook or other online sites where voters might state their opinions, has made the digital slicing and dicing more precise.

Acquinity Interactive is also a producer of the widely-downloaded and media-touted Super PAC App. Created by former MIT students, the Super PAC App "listens" to political TV ads and tells the user how much money was spent on the ad, as well as the organization that funded it. The app also allows users to rate the ad and fact-check the claims that are made based on information provided by third-party, nonpartisan sources. Learn more about the app on iTunes.

And for more information about Acquinity's Political List and Data sales division, as well as rates, please email


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