Governor Issues Proclamation to Celebrate Campus Grand Opening at Rogers Memorial Hospital

OCONOMOWOC, Wis., Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Governor Scott Walker issued a proclamation for "Rogers Memorial Hospital Day" for the hospital's campus celebration on September 18. The announcement was read as part of a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the completion of a three-phase construction project that included a new building for the Child & Adolescent Centers.



Rogers' board members, medical staff, managers and administrative leadership took part in the event, which also included testimonials by a former patient, Kyle Linstroth, who is now successfully attending the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado. Linstroth shared the negative effects of a delayed diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – which led him to chemical abuse – and how getting treatment at Rogers helped him get his life back on track.

Raising the Bar
Rogers Memorial Hospital has a history of setting standards for psychiatric and addiction services in the industry. The long-awaited celebration provided further evidence of quality with a tour of the hospital's new stand-alone building. The 33,140-square-foot building now houses Rogers' two nationally recognized programs for children and adolescents under one roof. The Child Center (children, 8-13) and Child & Adolescent Center (adolescents, 12-17) are under the direction of two board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists who practice full time at Rogers Memorial Hospital – Peter M. Lake, MD, and Stephanie Eken, MD, FAAP.

Dr. Lake, who was instrumental in plans for the new facility, shared how pivotal the new building is at Rogers and within the industry. "You just don't see new buildings opening like this in behavioral health," he said. "Medical/surgical hospitals often open new cardio or orthopedic wings, but adding on to a mental health facility – with a state-of-the-art building like this – just doesn't happen." Children and adolescents will move into the new building the first week of October. Dr. Lake added that the new facility will enable the staff to treat more patients, saving and turning lives around. "It's all about helping patients learn more about a life worth living."

The hospital also celebrated the opening of a dedicated wing in the new building that features intensive, challenging cognitive-behavioral therapy in a structured, manageable environment, along with the new inpatient and experiential facilities (second and third phases of the construction project). The inpatient addition replaces all of the hospital's former inpatient units with 58 private patient rooms. The 27,500-square-foot experiential therapy center includes a gymnasium, art therapy studio, recreation room, fitness area and classroom. All of the new facilities provide a therapeutic environment where patients can receive unmatched comfort, privacy and amenities. In addition, a new patient and family cafe will be available, currently scheduled to open in October.

Sharing Appreciation
As part of the ribbon cutting, the Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation was acknowledged for its role in raising $2.3 million to date, which goes toward the $4 million goal set for the new facility and endowment. Among the major donors who attended were Craig and Mary Schiefelbein, Gary and Judy Jorgensen, Lisa and Craig Jorgensen, VJS Construction Services, Elaine Burke, Michael Hargarten, Dr. Bradley Riemann, Cal Schmidt and Garry Anderson (Baird Foundation). Matthias Schueth, the Foundation's Executive Vice President, indicated their appreciation and said "the Foundation will continue to raise funds to complete the campaign. All gifts of any amount are gratefully received."

Rogers Memorial Hospital is currently ranked #7 in the country for mental health services and is a key corporation of Rogers Behavioral Health System, which also includes: Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc.; Rogers Partners in Behavioral Health, LLC; Rogers Center for Research and Training; and Rogers InHealth. The hospital has become nationally recognized for its specialized residential treatment services and affiliations with academic institutions and teaching hospitals in the area. Rogers Memorial Hospital is currently Wisconsin's largest not-for-profit, private behavioral health hospital, providing adults, children and adolescents with treatment for eating disorders, chemical dependency, obsessive-compulsive and anxiety disorders, as well as a variety of child and adolescent mental health concerns. For more information, please visit

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