Unlocking Big Data’s Federal Business Value

GTSI Joins Academia and Industry Leaders to Issue Big Data Recommendations for Federal Agencies

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The TechAmerica Foundation released its much anticipated report “Demystifying Big Data: A Practical Guide to Transforming the Business of Government” today. The report was issued by the TechAmerica Foundation Big Data Commission, comprised of appointed Commissioners from academia and industry. The Commissioners were charged with defining and demystifying Big Data, as well as providing policy guidance to the federal government on implementing and best utilizing Big Data to meet the mission. Prem Jadhwani, a Senior Technologist and Solutions Architect at GTSI Corp., a division of UNICOM® Systems, Inc. and a systems integration, solutions and services provider to government, served as a Commissioner.

The report delivers a comprehensive roadmap to the federal government on how to best use Big Data to better serve the public. It defines key terms, explains the underlying technology in simple terminology and identifies best practices and lessons learned from early Big Data implementation efforts. The report also offers a set of policy recommendations and practical steps agencies can take to get started on Big Data initiatives.

“Big Data Analytics is a promising technology that has the potential to not only create cost savings but also positively influence agency mission outcomes and operational intelligence,” said Jadhwani. “I am proud of the work done by this Commission and the comprehensive report we issued to our peers and partners in government. The report is essential for any government leader looking to understand implications of Big Data, and it provides practical case studies showcasing some of the most innovative ways that agencies have leveraged Big Data to their benefit.”

Key highlights from the report include:

  • To make data a strategic asset that can be used to better achieve agency mission outcomes, data should be included in the strategic planning, enterprise architecture and human capital of each agency.
  • A suitable technology infrastructure is a key prerequisite for embarking on a successful Big Data strategy. Agencies looking to leverage Big Data solutions will have to evolve their IT infrastructures including massively scalable storage and network infrastructure designs, as well as take into account considerations for data protection, data sharing, data reuse, ongoing analysis, compliance, security/privacy issues, data retention and data availability.
  • Government can effectively build iteratively on the technologies and capabilities it already has in place and transform its infrastructure to leverage the ongoing power of Big Data Analytics.

“The Big Data commission is another example of the power to create change when the technology industry and government work hand-in-hand,” said Jennifer Kerber, President of the TechAmerica Foundation. “Big Data has the power to transform how government delivers services to citizens and it is one of the many new tools available to enhance our daily lives.”

The full Commission report can be found here.

For more information on the Commission, visit: www.techamericafoundation.org/bigdata

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