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No Matter Your Age, It's Never too Late for Exercise, Says Sally's Care Home

CAMARILLO, Calif., Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Even after years of nationwide efforts to persuade people of all ages to get up from their computers and television sets and start exercising, seniors in particular are still often failing to get the message. Sally's Residential Care Home, a widely respected assisted living facility based in the heart of Southern California's Ventura County, would like to alert elderly people and their loved ones that simply being older doesn't mean that they are exempt from the enormous benefits of engaging in a reasonable amount of physical activity.

While it goes without saying that before starting any new program of physical activity, seniors should consult with their physician, the benefits of starting an exercise program at any age are well documented. Moreover, the problems associated with excessive sitting and overall sedentary lifestyles are equally well known. Just as the rest of the population has been spending less and less time performing physical tasks, seniors, too, are spending more time in front of the television and, yes, computers and mobile devices, than ever before.

While there's nothing wrong with chatting online or watching your favorite television program, the staff at Sally's Residential Care Home does its best to make sure that the center's aging residents get their fair share of physical activity. Daily walks and exercise sessions are a regular part of the facility's schedule for its residents. Owners and managers Sally and Kayhan Mojabi are both registered nurses who understand the importance of appropriate levels of exercise to the mental and physical wellbeing of seniors.

As providers of assisted living in Camarillo, the Mojabis would like to point out that seniors, perhaps even more than other groups, need to integrate a reasonable level of physical activity into their daily routine if they are to be at their best. While most people are aware that exercise is outstanding for the prevention or management of any number of conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, and other matters, the many psychological benefits of exercise tend to be underrated.

The Mojabis point out that elderly people who exercise regularly are less prone to depression, excessive worry, and other issues. There is even some evidence that suggests that elderly people who exercise more may be less at risk for Alzheimer's disease. They are almost certainly less at risk for the forms of dementia caused by strokes and other poor health outcomes often associated with a number of common chronic conditions.

"What's really amazing about exercise in elderly people – or really anyone – is that it's not just a matter of risk reduction. Our residents who engage in physical activity benefit immediately. You can see them becoming more relaxed and happier right away," said Kayhan Mojabi. "There's no medicine we know that works better or faster."

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