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Sulia Announces All-Star Line-up for Live Coverage of Presidential Debates

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Sulia, the subject-based social network, announced today that its curated coverage of the first presidential debate of 2012 will feature a roundly impressive group of liberal and conservative journalists, bloggers, and critics. The New York startup uses proprietary technology to rank, organize, and filter experts into compelling short-form media experiences for millions of people monthly. In addition to other distinguished experts joining the debate coverage, Sulia is pleased to host Josh Kraushaar of National Journal Hotline, Jamelle Bouie of The American Prospect, Karoli Kuns of Crooks and Liars, Joshua Holland of AlterNet, Jon Ralston of Ralston Reports and Bob Cesca of the Huffington Post who will be covering the debate in Sulia's channel dedicated to the 2012 election:

"Top experts on politics love using Sulia to cover live events like presidential debates because they reach and interact with an audience of people who obsess over news and politics," said Sulia CEO Jonathan Glick. "We give experts a platform for creating beautiful content and targeting engaged, intelligent readers, and we enable those experts to send their content to Facebook and Twitter as well."

“Presidential debates present an ideal opportunity to provide insta-analysis, and I am pleased that Sulia is offering a platform for so many political reporters and columnists to chime in with their first take on the news,” said National Journal Hotline Executive Editor Josh Kraushaar.

Sulia's channels help consumers make sense of social content by surfacing the strongest voices and content on their favorite subjects. Channels also enable content creators and sharers to target their thoughts to just the people who care. This solves the signal-to-noise problem of the first generation of social networks. Built from the ground up around a rich taxonomy, Sulia has vibrant channels on hundreds of cities, teams, technologies, genres, hobbies, professions, and passions.

About Sulia:

Sulia is the world’s first-ever subject-based social network, combining crowdsourcing, machine learning, and human supervision to create high-quality channels of content from the world’s best social sources on thousands of subjects and stories. Sulia is based in New York City. Its investors include FirstMark Capital, IA Ventures, Village Ventures, RSL Venture Partners, Founder Collective and SV Angel.

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