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2012 Estate Planning: Tax Planning Steps To Take Now

PARAMUS, N.J., Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Martin M. Shenkman, Esq., Jonathan Blattmachr, Esq. and Robert S. Keebler, CPA have written 2012 Estate Planning: Tax Planning Steps To Take Now the only authoritative and comprehensive consumer guidebook to inform and educate consumers and professional advisors on taking advantage of what may prove to be the greatest opportunity to transfer wealth in history.

2012 may be the most important year in history for tax planning. More wealth may be transferred in the waning months of 2012 than any other year. Why is planning now so vitally important? What can and should you do to take advantage of the potentially astounding planning opportunities that are available? What are the risks associated with this planning and how can you minimize those risks? With much of the planning so complicated, how can you make decisions as to which of various alternatives are best for you?

Three of the nation's leading tax experts have addressed all of these critical issues, and so much more, in this timely and authoritative book: written 2012 Estate Planning: Tax Planning Steps To Take Now.  This book is written to be accessible to sophisticated consumers who can personally benefit from this planning. Due to the broad coverage of esoteric topics, some discussions are a bit complex, but this is the only source available to guide consumers through this important planning opportunity.

Many will benefit from this practical and informative guidebook, such as:

  • Physicians and others worried about malpractice or liability exposure.
  • Business owners looking to pass on their business to their heirs.
  • Those concerned about divorce and prenuptial agreements.
  • Non-married couples looking to protect their partner and avoid estate taxes, and other risks.

This book will also prove an invaluable resource for CPAs, financial planners, insurance consultants, and many attorneys as well. The supplemental appendices for professional advisers with practical forms, sample legal provisions, and client letters practitioners can use, will all prove a useful resource, making this book a must read for professionals.

Blattmachr, Shenkman and Keebler are nationally known educators, in addition to technicians. Their skills as educators are evident in this book, and this book will educate you about the practical information you need to act quickly to take advantage of what might prove to be fleeting planning opportunities. So, anyone considering planning in 2012 (and that should be anyone and everyone of means), and their advisers, should all read this book and study its advice.

The book addresses and explains not only a myriad of estate, asset protection, legal and tax planning concepts, but important, it tells you how you can practically apply these concepts in the unique circumstances of planning right now in 2012:

  • Gifts
  • Dynasty trusts
  • Self settled or Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (DAPTs)
  • Note sale transactions to Intentionally Defective Irrevocable Trusts (IDITs)
  • Private annuities
  • Self Cancelling Installment Notes (SCINs)
  • Applicable Federal Rates (AFRs) and how they affect loan and sale transactions
  • Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs)
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • S Corporations
  • Charitable trusts
  • Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (QPRTs)
  • IRAs and other retirement plans
  • Harvesting gains and losses
  • The inter-relationship of income and estate taxes
  • Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATs)
  • …and much more

Reading this book will give you the advice of three national experts as to how you should plan now, avoid major planning pitfalls, and minimize the risks associated with 2012 planning. The result will be better protection and tax savings for you and your loved ones. The authors will educate you as to many of the techniques that America's wealthiest families use in their planning. And the authors know, because America's wealthiest families seek them out for advice.

This unique book is written in plain-English, so the sophisticated consumer who wants to better understand complex 2012 planning, or needs some motivation to move ahead, will benefit. The book is also sophisticated enough to help professional advisers, CPAs, general practice attorneys, financial planners and insurance consultants, understand the key planning choices and how to avoid the traps involved with each technique above.

What Industry Experts are Saying

"You can't stop the clock! And planners could find themselves losing clients – or their clients losing assets – because of the coming estate planning and tax changes. The detailed, actionable strategies in this book are highly worthwhile for planners as they guide their clients through a difficult year in estate planning history."
Scott Wenger, Editorial Director: *Financial Planning *On Wall Street *Bank Investment Consultant

"When three of the brightest and most creative minds in the estate planning community collaborate on an estate planning guide, you'd expect a great tool – and you get one!  It's impossible to overemphasize the thrust of this book – TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!  The sun may be setting on what well may be the greatest wealth preservation opportunity of your life – and Marty, Jonathan, and Bob make it clear what you have to lose by hesitation – and exactly what steps you need to win.  Don't wait!"
Steve Leimberg, Publisher: Leimberg Information Services, Inc. (LISI)

"I encourage you to take advantage of the knowledge and planning ideas provided by this timely book. A wealth of information is at your fingertips."
Sidney Kess, CPA, JD, LL.M., AEP® (Distinguished) is of counsel at Kostelanetz & Fink, LLP, New York, NY and was recently selected "Most Influential Practitioner" by CPA Magazine. He is a nationally renowned tax expert and author/co-author of hundreds of tax books on financial and estate planning.

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SOURCE Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, PFS, JD