Downing Displays at 50: Building Brand Experiences Like Never Before.

CINCINNATI, Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Founded in 1962 as the first portable exhibit company in the United States, Downing Displays has grown from its Cincinnati headquarters and production base to nine regional sales offices serving major markets and marketers nationwide. Now bolstered by full-service custom capabilities, in addition to portable and modular displays, Downing is emerging a stronger company with broader application and a growing list of successes in trade shows and beyond.

A fresh brand design, logo, tagline and web site underscore Downing's progress and positive direction. "For 50 years, we've facilitated the branding process with some of the world's leading companies. Branding our own company effectively is in our nature," says Michael Scherer, President.

In an era of mass digital/social media exchange, Downing Displays believes the premium on face-to-face marketing at trade shows has never been greater. No longer viewed as a business getaway, attending a trade show today is a business mission with specific goals and expectations.

"Trade show attendees today are motivated — invested," says Downing Vice President Greg Ward. "We help our clients get noticed and engage visitors in ways that satisfy their precise reason for being at the show. The business results follow."

From the highest level of custom exhibits to impressive corporate lobbies to experience-enhancing retail fixtures, Downing is providing effectiveness as a strategic partner to national and international clientele in the design and fabrication of creative environments that deliver the exact brand message and experience intended.

"Today it's about delivering the unique brand experience wherever the opportunity exists — whether on the trade show floor, at the corporate headquarters, or the retail site — and doing that in a consistent, compelling way," explains Michael Scherer. "A powerful brand experience works in the moment and over time. It is also something to be shared as digital technology allows, but it begins with creating something remarkable, with significant impact. That's why our work as a strategic exhibit planner and builder is so relevant and integral to marketing today."

To accomplish this, Downing serves its clients as both strategic partner and master craftsman.

"Our process has evolved to enable a more strategic, creative and innovative final product," explains Greg Ward. Teams of specialists in graphic design, space design, substrate fabrication, printing, cabinetmaking and more work collaboratively with project managers and client representatives to design, build and execute on well-defined objectives.

"We know that our skills, thinking and ideas are benefiting clients in ways never imagined 50 years ago," says Michael Scherer. "And to us, that's a good sign that we're doing our job well."

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Downing Displays, Inc. is a private corporation headquartered in Milford, OH near Cincinnati, with regional offices serving Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, OH, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Louisville, Milwaukee, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Southern California.

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