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GSA Report Validates Lighting Energy Savings Realized With Lumenergi’s Responsive Lighting Controls

Pilot program enabled up to 63 percent lighting energy savings

NEWARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Lumenergi® (the “Company”), a leading provider of network-controlled lighting energy management solutions, was recently cited in a report by the General Services Administration (“GSA”), the largest owner of commercial real estate in the United States, for slashing lighting energy consumption by up to 63 percent in a lighting control pilot program of 11 western region buildings.

“Not only does this assessment demonstrate that responsive lighting delivers deep energy savings across the board, it also helps the GSA understand where deployment of this technology maximizes payback,” said Ruth Cox, Regional Administrator, Region 9 – Pacific Rim, General Services Administration.

“Lighting is the largest consumer of electrical energy in commercial buildings,” said Barry Weinbaum, President and CEO of Lumenergi. “While many companies claim to save large amounts of energy, they often come up short. The GSA’s use of Lumenergi’s integrated lighting controls solution clearly demonstrates that we deliver material energy savings and maintain lighting comfort while enabling preservation of our customers’ embedded building infrastructure investments.”

In its quest to develop net-zero energy building designs and comply with mandated targets set by the Obama Administration, the GSA invited Lumenergi in 2009 to participate in a pilot program to retrofit work station lighting spaces in 11 western region government buildings, including the Phillip Burton Federal Building in San Francisco and the U.S. Courthouse (Ronald V. Dellums Building) in Oakland. The Ronald V. Dellums Building is more than 1.1 million square feet in size with a single Lumenergi lighting control system supporting the entire facility.

The GSA commissioned Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) to conduct an initial evaluation and closely monitor the results. Lighting accounts for up to 39% of electrical use in commercial buildings. The LBNL Responsive Lighting Solutions report for the GSA’s Green Proving Ground Program verifies that Lumenergi’s responsive lighting control system reduced lighting energy costs by up to 63 percent over the GSA baseline, which was established in 2000 for a typical lighting retrofit, representative of the majority of the 9,600 properties the GSA owns or leases nationwide.

“This report provides another point of validation for Lumenergi’s integrated lighting control solution,” Weinbaum commented. “By implementing the Lumenergi solution, the GSA buildings in the pilot program met their 2015 energy efficiency goals by 2011. We are delighted to be part of a program where the GSA exceeded their goals.”

Lumenergi enables centralized control of a building’s lighting network to maximize energy savings while supporting mixed lighting technologies, including LED, fluorescent, CFL, and halogen, on a single, scalable system. While preserving its customers’ lighting infrastructure investments, the Company’s integrated solution uses existing building wiring, shared power distribution, and software customized control to enable tuning of a building’s lighting operation and enhances energy efficiency via reporting that can pinpoint and eliminate energy waste.

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About Lumenergi

Lumenergi enables commercial customers to transform their lighting into a responsive network that delivers up to 70% lighting energy savings and custom control over visual environments. The system offers the flexibility to integrate with existing or new lighting infrastructure, and provides for seamless scalability that easily expands from room to area to building. Intuitive management simplifies maintenance and streamlines customization of workspaces. Customers can conform to new building codes and maximize savings through a combination of energy efficiency strategies and public utility incentives. A privately held, venture funded company with millions of installed square footage and years of proven lighting technology, Lumenergi is one of Silicon Valley’s brightest emerging companies.

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