Report from Sectra Reveals What Referring Physicians Demand from Radiology

LINKÖPING, Sweden--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- In a new report from Sectra (STO:SECTB), 150 neurologists, neurosurgeons, urologists, orthopaedists, internists, and general surgeons, reveal what radiology needs to focus on in order to provide top-notch service to referring physicians.

The healthcare environment is under increasing strain. Radiology is at the very center of the healthcare chain, putting it in a position to influence both the quality and effectiveness of care by providing its customers, the referring physicians, with the right tools and services. But what tools and services matter the most?

The survey shows that referring physicians would like to see an easy procedure for ordering studies, shorter report turnaround times and an efficient and secure method for notification of critical results. However, the survey also provides details as to what referring physicians actually express with their demands. We can note that 71% of the respondents in this survey refer patients to multiple facilities. Consequently, in a private healthcare market, the service level provided will influence a referring physician’s decision on where to send patients.

The report also offers a few surprises such as the fact that six out of ten respondents think radiologists should provide 3D visualization with the reports and that seven out of ten respondents think the images sent to orthopaedists should be taken with a calibration marker.

“The findings in this report confirm our view that radiology, being in such a central position, has great potential to influence the overall effectiveness in the healthcare chain,” says Mats Björnemo, Director of Product Marketing at Sectra.

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