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Enprecis and WePredict to Build Sophisticated Analytics Engine for the Automotive Industry

SEATTLE & SWANSEA, Wales--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Automotive data insight company Enprecis and data modeling company WePredict have agreed to partner to provide an industry-leading predictive analytics platform for the automotive industry. Designed to incorporate information of all types about vehicle quality, warranty service, and customer satisfaction, the solution will give automakers unprecedented insight into vehicle performance and customer opinion, down to the individual vehicle level. The companies’ unique combination of automotive and predictive expertise will create a powerful yet highly targeted system capable of providing guidance throughout the vehicle design, manufacturing, marketing, and service process.

Enprecis has collected customer feedback on vehicle quality for many years and this will now be combined with WePredict’s data analytics offering around warranty data. By combing data from warranty sources and OEM customers, the Enprecis and WePredict offering will generate more accurate data for prioritizing manufacturing and design changes, and by extension provide significant savings to the manufacturer.

“By bringing together detailed data from multiple sources, Enprecis has been showing automakers what goes on in their vehicles and what customers think for a long time,” says Enprecis Chief Executive Officer Richard Counihan. “Now it’s time to expand our capabilities to include predictive modeling to identify characteristics that put customers ‘at risk’ of not recommending the vehicle brand or not purchasing another vehicle of the same brand. This will help automakers find those customers early on and take steps to improve their experience.”

“Developing ever more accurate insights into customers’ experiences with their vehicles is becoming increasingly important,” adds WePredict Chief Technology Officer Tim Davis. “We are excited about bringing WePredict data analytics to bear on the innovative methods Enprecis has pioneered in tapping into the vehicle experience. Our collaboration will provide automakers with clear recommendations on what to do to make the customer experience as satisfying as possible.”

About Enprecis

Founded in 2006, Enprecis provides evolving automotive quality data to the global automotive industry. Enprecis Continuous Quality Insight (CQI) technology provides robust, real-time customer satisfaction data and powerful analysis tools to automobile manufacturers and dealers. The most responsive customer feedback channel of its kind, CQI helps the automotive industry get accurate information that leads to measurable improvements in vehicle quality and customer satisfaction.

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