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The Change in News Reading Habits

BORDEAUX, France, Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobiles Republic, a leading publisher of applications for smartphones, tablets and connected devices, today releases the findings of a recent survey among their readers to establish the change in news reading habits across Europe and America. The results were so interesting we have taken the opportunity to collect them into a handy infographic which highlights the main trends and differences.

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The stand-out finding of the survey is that news should be ACCURATE, FRESH & FREE. This is something that transcends borders and makes up the basic requirements for successful news consumption across the globe.

News consumption methods are also changing with more traditional media taking a back seat to personal, portable and connected devices. This instant accessibility is also leading to more time being spent overall on news intake which is fueling a demand for local, national and international news.

As more and more news becomes freely available and accessible, it in turn increases the demand as readers seek to increase their knowledge and understanding of the topics that matter to them to a higher level.

Trends and consumption varies in different ways across different regions, but overall the picture is clear – the world is becoming a smaller place and mobile news applications are helping to give people the instant knowledge they crave and desire to get a fast understanding of what is important in their lives.

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