All Hail: Theatre Education Impacts Lives In The Backseat Of Taxicabs

NEW YORK, Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Impact Creativity, an unprecedented nationwide campaign to raise $5 million over three years to fund theatre education, enrich our nation's youth through drama and prepare the American creative workforce of tomorrow, has now impacted more than eight million taxi riders across the country.

Back in June, the National Corporate Theatre Fund (NCTF) propelled its groundbreaking Impact Creativity initiative to new heights when it partnered with Creative Mobile Technologies, LLC (CMT), the country's leading mobile media technology provider. Over the past four months, Public Service Announcements (PSAs) broadcast in CMT taxis in New York, Chicago, Boston and other cities, taught passengers about Impact Creativity's fundraising initiative to save theatre education programs, which particularly benefit disadvantaged youth. The PSAs feature prominent theatre actors Richard Thomas, David Hyde Pierce and Harvey Fierstein, as well as playwright Regina Taylor and business executive Frank Orlowski of Pfizer, all of whom directly benefited from theatre education.

Arts education has been linked to advancing academic achievement and critical thinking among our nation's youth preparing the creative workforce of tomorrow.

"I am incredibly grateful that CMT stands with non-profits like NCTF in calling for increased attention to funding theatre education programs for our nation's youth," said Bruce Whitacre, Executive Director, NCTF. "The taxi screens have proved to be an invaluable tool in sending our message to potential funders, supporters, educators and decision-makers across the country."

Between June and September, CMT donated media screen time in 10,000 taxicabs nationwide including 6,600 taxis in New York City.

"CMT is proud to be a partner in this critical fundraising initiative to benefit children across the country and applauds NCTF and Impact Creativity for its commitment to this great cause," said Jason Poliner, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Creative Mobile Technologies, LLC.

About NCTF and Impact Creativity:
Impact Creativity, a $5 million fundraising effort to aid theatre education programs, was launched by NCTF, a not-for-profit association dedicated to sustaining 19 of America's finest not-for-profit theatres, in May 2012 with $200,000 from accounting firm Ernst & Young and its partners. As the only national platform to support theatre arts education, it seeks to narrow the widening arts education funding gap across the U.S. by providing direct funding to youth education programs at its theatres.

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About Creative Mobile Technologies, LLC (CMT):
Founded in New York City in 2005 by taxi industry leaders, CMT provides more than 20,000 taxicabs in 60 cities and 30 states with a variety of taxi technologies and enhancements including credit and debit card processing, media and advertising content, text messaging, interactive passengers maps, GPS, electronic trip sheets and back-office fleet management systems.

SOURCE National Corporate Theatre Fund