Tom Eaglehouse -- Asset Preservation and Distribution Expert

GREENSBURG, Pa., Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Integrity is the driving force behind the business conducted by Tom Eaglehouse, one of today's leading experts in the area of retirement planning. He is the founder of the Estate and Elder Planning Center in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and is a member of the National Ethics Association. Eaglehouse began working with the senior population because of a desire to assist them in creating better outcomes related to their retirement years. His ultimate goal when working with his clients is to be able to provide a solution that will preserve and protect their hard earned assets, maintain their lifestyle and pass on their estate to their heirs in the most tax reduced manner.

The journey to the formation of the Estate and Elder Planning Center has been a very personal one for Eaglehouse. A graduate of St. Vincent College with a degree in business and finance, he began his professional career working in personal finance, sales, and management and eventually became a business owner. In 2003 he began working with seniors because he had family members and friends that experienced debilitating illnesses and he observed the financial consequences as well as the emotional pain they and their families suffered as a result. Determined to make a difference for people that may face similar circumstances, Eaglehouse formed his firm to help families better prepare for life's unexpected situations.

The firm is committed to using their experience and expertise to lighten the burdens for their clients related to retirement planning. They offer a helping hand at every step and guide clients through the incredible complexities of asset preservation and distribution planning, showing each client how to get the benefits they deserve and how to avoid the many inherent traps and pitfalls often associated with such preparation. They are able to answer questions and give guidance related to Medicare and Medicaid rules, Veterans Administration qualifying criteria and financial and care planning strategies. Additionally, Eaglehouse works in conjunction with a very experienced elder law and tax attorney and they place great importance on having the proper legal documents necessary to provide families access to the maximum benefits available under the law.

Eaglehouse conducts free ninety minute educational workshops at various locations for retirees and those that are contemplating retirement in the near future. In the workshops, attendees are given carefully outlined information related to all aspects of retirement planning. In addition, Eaglehouse offers each family the opportunity to have a one hour free consultation to discuss their estate in detail.

As a leading authority in asset preservation and distribution planning issues, Eaglehouse is putting his expertise on the written page as the author of an upcoming book in which he will discuss his successful planning strategies and the importance of integrity in the estate planning business. He has also been a featured guest on "Leading Experts." Additional information about Eaglehouse and the Estate and Elder Planning Center is available at


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