CellepathicRx Partners with Leading Academic Medical Center on mHealth Mobile Platform with Research-Backed Behavioral Content

Cleveland, Oct. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CellepathicRx and Duke University have formed a new company, Improved Patient Outcomes, Inc., which combines CellepathicRx's proven mHealth mobile platform and Duke University's research-backed patient behavioral content, with the focus on improving patient adherence and outcomes.

CellepathicRx's mobile behavioral health platform is focused on initiating and sustaining patient communication and improving outcomes. Through Improved Patients Outcomes, Inc., CellepathicRx combines its mHealth platform with Duke University's behavioral management program content that covers 75 disease states. This academic and industry partnership delivers proven behavioral coaching content to patients, and it does so wherever they are, right on their mobile phones, via SMS text, mobile web, and email.

Improved Patient Outcomes, Inc. can also help health plans and payers communicate with thousands of patients and identify those at risk for medication non-compliance. Patients with complicated needs can then be flagged for an over-the-phone nurse intervention.

"I look forward to applying my experience in patient engagement to support the mission of this new entity in helping patients cost-effectively initiate and sustain wellness and health behaviors in a way that will improve outcomes," said Dr. Hayden Bosworth, Professor of Medicine, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and Nursing at Duke University and Associate Director, Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care, Durham VAMC.

Greg A. Muffler, CEO of CellepathicRx and Improved Patient Outcomes Inc., said the product is targeted at the healthcare value chain: pharmacies, payers, providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The product is already in use by Pharmacy Benefits Managers, pharmacies, and hospital systems. Growth expectations are high as 30 million new healthcare consumers are expected to enter the market as a result of the Affordable Care Act, during a record shortage of physicians and healthcare professionals.

"Providers and payers want to know: how are we going to serve a growing population when we want health costs to go down instead of go up? Improved Patient Outcomes, Inc. delivers behavior change to patients using an mHealth platform in combination with live access to nurses or clinicians to intervene when necessary," Muffler said. "This allows us to not only bring together academia and industry, but also the application of innovative mHealth technology with proven behavioral science to help address the patient adherence problem."

Improved Patient Outcomes, Inc. can also help payers and health plans improve their Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services' Five-Star Quality Ratings by focusing on multichannel patient intervention around major chronic disease states monitored by CMS.

About CellepathicRx

CellepathicRx is a market-leading provider of HIPAA-compliant, mobile and multimedia-based, "direct-to-patient" communication systems that deliver cost savings and improved outcomes for healthcare companies and their patient members. By harnessing the timely, direct and personalized power of SMS text, mobile web, smart phone apps, e-mail and interactive voice response (IVR) technology, CellepathicRx's mobile health communication platform targets patients to help them understand and adhere to medication regimens, clinical trial protocols, health coaching, and health and wellness programs. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, with offices in Raleigh, N.C., CellepathicRx is an Access Mobility Inc. company. Visit www.cellepathicrx.com or call 440-397-4884 for more information. Follow us on Twitter - @cellepathicrx.


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