PriceAdvantage Debuts One-Click Fuel Price Optimization

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- PriceAdvantage, a division of Skyline Products, announced today that One-Click Fuel Price Optimization has been added to PriceAdvantage. One-Click Optimization will empower the Retail Petroleum industry to maximize profitability throughout the entire fuel pricing process from best-price determination to price execution and confirmation.

One-Click Optimization will be included as part of the core product PriceAdvantage Enterprise with no additional investment required.

PriceAdvantage is a highly specialized retail fuel pricing solution for the Convenience Store industry, designed to maximize overall fuel profitability. PriceAdvantage provides automation for the entire fuel pricing process, from collection of competitive surveys, to sophisticated analysis for best price determination, to rapid speed-to-the-street price change execution.

The ability to change prices immediately at the POS, fuel pumps and electronic price signs from the centralized headquarters location with one click makes the solution unique in the industry.

"We have worked very closely with a number of leading retailers during the development of this state-of-the art pricing intelligence engine," says Aaron McHugh, Head of PriceAdvantage division.

McHugh continues, "We are confident that this powerful tool will further aid our customers in optimizing their profits on every gallon sold."

PriceAdvantage will introduce One-Click Optimization at the upcoming NACS Show in Las Vegas, NV October 8th in booth #3319.

About PriceAdvantage Division
PriceAdvantage, a division of Skyline Products, is the leading provider of fuel price management solutions to the convenience store industry. PriceAdvantage solutions allow fuel retailers to collect competitive data, determine optimized fuel pricing and automate price changes at the POS, fuel pump and electronic price signs, creating a streamlined closed loop fuel pricing process. Skyline Products is the leading developer, manufacturer and provider of fuel pricing and central control software, electronic price displays and dynamic message signs to the fuels, transportation and government vertical segments in North America. Company headquarters are located in Colorado Springs, CO. For more information about PriceAdvantage or Skyline Products please visit or

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