FBC Holdings Announces Updates to Business Plans

NEW YORK, Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- (OTC Markets: FBCD) FBC Management today announced that it will focus its revenue production efforts on the new FBC Flowboard and other extreme sports-related products. FBC's new management team said that the Company's immediate objectives will be to bring the FBC Flowboard into production as well as specialty products for in the extreme sports industry. FBC director Kevin Wright, an extreme-sports industry veteran stated that, "Extreme sports is the fastest growing sector in the sports industry today and it is anticipated that as the global economic downturn abates that spending in this sector will continue to accelerate. We have a unique product and additional high-quality specialty industry products that we wish to position to participate in this growth." Frank Russo added that, "We still have some housecleaning to do but the focus of this team is to generate revenue as quickly as possible. A real business produces goods or provides services. FBC now has the products and the talent to create a real organization of value and that is what we intend to do. Our shareholders have been patient but it is time for results."

The Company added that management is preparing a shareholder update which it will issue around the time of the filing of its annual report.

Readers may go to www.FBCFlowBoard.com or www.bombfactoryskate.com to view the products in action. There are also numerous videos featured on Google's (GOOG) You Tube.

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