Viroclinics Biosciences B.V. Relocation Will Broaden Scope and Accelerate Turnaround

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands, October 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Viroclinics Biosciences B.V. has relocated to the Rotterdam Science Tower, a new high-tech science facility that's about to become a hotspot for international life sciences, medical innovations and spin-offs from Erasmus MC and Erasmus University Rotterdam. This location will form the core of a powerful cluster of biomedical businesses, bringing a vast range of medical knowledge and business activity together within a small area.

Viroclinics Biosciences B.V. occupies 3000m2 of office and lab space within the building, including fully operational BSL2 and BSL3 virology laboratories for performing state-of-the-art clinical and preclinical services.

The Rotterdam Science Tower opens on 4th October.

Enhanced collaboration improves knowledge and speed

This relocation brings Viroclinics Biosciences into close proximity to its research and development partner, Erasmus MC. The move will further enhance the intense collaboration between the two, increasing the opportunities for customers to benefit from the combined scientific knowledge and skills maintained in both laboratories.

According to Hans Bunschoten, COO of Viroclinics Biosciences B.V., "The new facilities will allow us to further streamline our logistic processes, increasing the quality and improving the turnaround time of our services. In this setting we can offer the full range of virology services for new drug development programs and post-marketing surveillance of existing drugs and vaccines, ranging from traditional virology assays to the latest deep sequencing protocols for a very broad range of viruses".

Expanding the scope

Prof. Ab Osterhaus, Head of the Erasmus MC Viroscience Lab and CSO of Viroclinics Biosciences B.V believes this relocation will also help Viroclinics expand its unique position at the forefront of state-of-the-art clinical and preclinical services, broadening both its customer base and portfolio of virus assays.

According to Bob van Gemen, CEO of Viroclinics, "With the move to the new facilities in the Rotterdam Science Tower, we can continue to grow our organization and fulfil the expanding need for services to support the clinical and preclinical studies of new drugs and vaccines."

A consultative approach to drug and vaccine development

Viroclinics Biosciences is a contract research organization providing an array of best-in-class services to the biopharmaceutical industry including diagnostic testing, preclinical services and general consultancy to accelerate the development of vaccines, anti-virals and in-vitro diagnostics.

A frontrunner in improving human and animal health, the company adopts a uniquely consultative approach, nurturing deep client relationships to fully understand needs and provide optimally customised research programs.

All projects are performed in compliance with established international guidelines under an ISO 15189 accredited quality system.

SOURCE Viroclinics Biosciences B.V.