Why Bet for Real when there is a Genuine Fake Option - Blue Ox Entertainment Launches Enhanced SideBets™ Social BETworking App

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Application development firm Blue Ox Entertainment announced today the launch of the enhanced SideBets app, the first peer-to-peer sports betting application with a social focus. The upgraded iOS app now features the ability for users to easily post SideBets victories to their Twitter feed or Facebook wall with just one click. Users can now create "groups" for their friends for the first time, mimicking the successful and familiar fantasy football model. Users can send out a bet to an entire group of friends and the "first to accept" gets the action. SideBets keeps track of wins and losses as well as the exchange of virtual currency.

SideBets offers virtual wagers on games across multiple sports, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football and Men's Basketball MMA and more. Odds from leading sports books and live scores also are provided in real-time to provide a complete sports gambling experience – without any financial risk. The betting options include point spread, under/over and money line wagers, similar to those found at sports books throughout Las Vegas and the rest of the world. Users can monitor bets and "banter" with fellow competitors through integrated live chat.

SideBets occupies a unique niche as the industry's only socially-focused sports betting application – transforming social networking into "Social BETworking™". While the money is fake, both the competition and the social interaction are quite real.

"There are dozens of apps for poker, slot machines, and other card games like solitaire, but no one until now has really figured out how to make a social game around sports betting," said Dr. Randy Leff, co-founder of Blue Ox Entertainment. "When we first launched SideBets, we didn't fully realize what we had. However, after reviewing last year's college and professional football action through the app, we learned how people were using it and found ways to enhance it."

After downloading the free application, users receive $100 SideBet Dollars™ for their betting competitions. Users can increase their bankroll by winning bets, but if the well runs dry, they may also purchase additional SideBet Dollars within the application. Unlike a traditional sports book, SideBets takes no cut (AKA "vig" or "juice"), so whatever virtual currency is bet between friends stays between friends. Users can track their betting acumen by comparing their record against their own friends and against the SideBets Top 50 global leaderboard.

"It's now crucial in the mobile space to offer social components, so we're ecstatic about the latest product. Users can connect through Facebook and share their latest bet or invite friends to participate in some gentlemanly wagers," said Leff. "We are encouraging friendly competition, which can deepen the connection between sports fans – and add that extra incentive in rooting on your favorite teams. Winning is winning – whether it's at a game of chess, darts, or fantasy gambling. It always feels great!"

For more information, visit www.sidebetme.com. SideBets is available in the App Store and the Android Marketplace. The upgraded Android app is expected to be released before the end of the year.

About Blue Ox Entertainment
Blue Ox Entertainment is an application development firm that specializes in sports and fantasy betting related apps. The company's flagship application, SideBets, is an innovative peer-to-peer app that allows users to compete against each other for GFM. Re-launched with additional social features in September 2012, SideBets encourages friendly competition amongst individuals and groups. For more information, visit www.sidebetme.com.

SOURCE Blue Ox Entertainment