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FastPencil PREMIERE Launches "Travel to Tomorrow" and "Fifties Chix" Series by Angela Sage Larsen

CAMPBELL, Calif., Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today FastPencil announced the launch of "Travel to Tomorrow," which is the first title in the "Fifties Chix" five-book series, a spell-binding, time-travel series written by popular author Angela Sage Larsen. "Travel to Tomorrow" carries the highly selective FastPencil PREMIERE imprint reserved for best-selling authors.

"With 'Fifties Chix,' I've set out to create a series about adventure and friendship," said author Angela Sage Larsen. "Time travel, fantasy, fun and a journey among five diverse friends form the core of this series and I'm excited to embark with readers on a voyage starting with the release of the first title, 'Travel to Tomorrow.'"

Set in the 1950s, the "Fifties Chix" series chronicles the adventures of five high school students whose days consist of sock hops, soda fountains and slumber parties. The lives of tomboy Beverly, studious Mary, artistic Ann, moody Maxine and high-spirited Judy drastically change when they travel to the 21st century. Friendship, romance, mystery, fantasy and a bit of history mix together in this series for young teen girls.

"Travel to Tomorrow" kicks off the series as the girls' high school teacher assigns them with the task to predict the future. The next morning, the girls wake up 55 years into the future in a world they could have never possibly imagined. With only each other to trust, the girls must work together to find their way back to 1955.

The second book, "Keeping Secrets," shares the love triangle between Mary, Ann and James O'Grady, as well as a controversial underground school newspaper and the unexplained disappearance of their classroom teacher, who may be their only hope to return to 1955. "Keeping Secrets" will be released this November.

"Third Time's a Charm" will be available January 2013 and follows the "Fifties Chix'" social studies teacher, May Boggs, who is 15 years old at the time. World War II has taken a toll on May and her best friends, Rowena and Emily, and their lives are disrupted again when they time travel back to another war-torn era - the Civil War. In modern day, Maxine pays the price for a controversial essay she wrote for the school's paper and the secret her teacher uncovers in 1865 could save the Fifties Chix' reputation and future.

The remaining "Fifties Chix" books "Broken Record" and "Till the End of Time" will roll out later in 2013.

Larsen is an acclaimed author and illustrator of 10 books including the "Petalwink" series, which has been used by teachers, librarians and parents to foster character education. On the website,, fans can get updates on the "Fifties Chix" characters, contests, and events; and fans can also enjoy exploring themes the book series brings out on the "Fifties Chix" wiki at

"Angela has created a series that families can read and enjoy together and FastPencil is thrilled to publish it," said Steve Wilson, CEO and co-founder of FastPencil. "Each character has her own personality and special talent needed to find a way back home, making it easy for readers to relate to certain characters and become engulfed in the story."

Larsen is part of an illustrious number of best-selling authors who have signed with FastPencil PREMIERE for its proprietary partnerships in technology and distribution, speed to press, wider market reach, higher author royalties and greater transparency throughout the publishing process.

Pricing and Availability
"Travel to Tomorrow" is available today in paperback for $9.95 through the FastPencil PREMIERE Marketplace,, major book chains and distributors and in ebook for $5.99 through major e-retailers.

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