Fuse Science, Inc. Announces Initiation of M&A and Licensing Process in Advance of Proprietary Science Results

MIAMI LAKES, Fla., Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Fuse Science, Inc. (OTCQB: DROP), (www.fusescience.com) an innovative consumer products company that possesses proprietary technologies set to redefine how consumers receive energy, medicines, vitamins and minerals, today announced that it has engaged New York-based investment banking firm Atlas Strategic Advisors (www.atlasadvisors.com) to explore strategic transactions involving Fuse's proprietary technology. Fuse Science will also be advised by Gaurav Kapoor, former Managing Partner & Principal at New England Consulting Group, where he worked for 15 years, leading landmark M&A and licensing transactions in the pharmaceutical and consumer package goods industries.

In our recent letters to shareholders, and subsequent teleconferences, we reiterated details regarding the Company's strategies, progress and value creation for shareholders. During these communications we discussed the three main growth engines for Fuse Science:

1) EnerJel™ - Our first growth engine, which we believe will enable us to build a profitable base business.

2) Our Drop Technology - Our second growth engine which is 100% incremental to the base business.

3) The science underlying our EnerJel™ and Drop Technology products – our third growth engine, designed to further build revenues through licensing in the pharmaceutical, OTC and nutraceutical, industries.

We anticipate the announcement of our science results in early October, which is a significant enabler of our third growth engine for the company. Today's announcement is in preparation for this event. The findings of the study will indicate if the advanced form of the Company's proprietary delivery technology has the ability to deliver various actives through the epidermis to the blood stream in a patchless roll-on application. The molecular structure of the test cells in the study ranged from small, water soluble and rigid molecules to large, greasy and flexible molecules. A few examples include Folic Acid and Estradiol on one end of the spectrum, to the cancer drug Paclitaxel, and large molecule Insulin on the other. The Company believes that success in many of these test cells will represent scientific first's and set the stage for significant advancement in the delivery of medicine and nutrition in humans and animals.

"We are extremely confident in the capabilities of Atlas Advisors and Gaurav Kapoor to help us aggressively advance the third growth engine for the company, said Brian Tuffin , Fuse Science, Chief Executive Officer. "It is our stated objective to extend the rights to our proprietary technology to the leading companies in each applicable business category. Today's announcement combines a team of experts in the pharmaceutical, OTC and nutraceutical industries, and our pending results will indicate how far-reaching our structured M&A and licensing process will be."

About Atlas Advisors

Specializing in mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance advisory, Atlas Strategic Advisors, LLC has closed more than $32 billion in transactions worldwide. The company has served as a strategic advisor to corporate clients, private equity firms and entrepreneurs. Atlas Advisors offers its clients first-rate advisory capability across Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. For more information, visit www.atlasadvisors.com

About Gaurav Kapoor

Gaurav is the former Managing Partner & Principal at the New England Consulting Group, the premier marketing management consulting firm in the world. He is the first and only person to have been promoted to the Managing Partner & Principal position in the 30 year history of the New England Consulting Group. Gaurav has played a leading role in building NECG's presence in the healthcare and private equity industries from scratch, and has helped NECG become a leading consulting firm in both industries. In addition, he has consulted extensively for clients in the pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods and financial services industries. Gaurav is known in the consulting industry for his relentless pursuit of "big ideas" for the client. His work has generated billions of dollars in new value for NECG clients through new products, M&A/licensing, and marketing optimization, etc. He is also considered a thought leader in business and has been published numerous times in leading trade journals. With an Engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, Gaurav has a strong analytical and science based mindset and is an expert on advanced market research methodologies and algorithms for business applications.

About Fuse Science, Inc.:

Fuse Science, Inc. (OTCQB: DROP), is an innovative holdings company based in Miami Lakes, Florida. Fuse Science holds the rights to new, patent-pending technologies poised to redefine how consumers receive energy, medicines, vitamins and minerals. The company maintains the rights to sublingual and transdermal delivery systems for bioactive agents that can now, for the first time, effectively encapsulate and charge many varying molecules in order to produce complete product formulations which can bypass the gastrointestinal tract and enter the blood stream directly either through a topical gel roll-on or alternatively in a concentrated "DROP" form that is simply applied under the tongue. The Fuse Science technology is designed to accelerate conveyance of medicines or nutrients relative to traditional pills and liquids and can enhance how consumers receive these products. Information about Fuse Science is available online at www.fusescience.com and www.poweredbyfuse.com or by calling 305-503-FUSE (3873).

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