Nexxus Management Fuels Small Business Growth in South Florida

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- For many small businesses an investment of capital can mean the difference between staying in business or closing for good.

But with banks unwilling to lend, Nexxus Management ( of Fort Lauderdale is stepping in with an infusion of financial and human capital designed to ensure that even the smallest mom and pop not only survives, but thrives.

Founded by a team of entrepreneurs who have experienced the success and failure of their own ventures, Nexxus Management devised a small business assistance strategy designed to give the smaller fish the tools to make a big impact.

Nexxus provides an array of partnerships, revenue-sharing plans and fee-based consulting services, as well as an experienced staff with expertise in e-commerce, marketing and sales, public relations and advertising, and technology development. Nexxus also offers small businesses the option of a free consultation to determine what they need to take their operations to the next level.

"What we do is take the burden off managing the day-to-day operations so small business owners can do what they do best – develop ideas and create innovative products," said Tim Keyes, CEO and founder of Nexxus Management, with offices also in Miami.

Nexxus brings a unique perspective to the marketing and management of small businesses by providing clients with the benefits of an aggressive, highly responsive and fully committed team. Because the company offers extensive experience in a variety of fields, it's able to provide entrepreneurs with the added manpower needed to boost their revenues to the next level while also generating new business.

Nexxus was born out of the desire to help small business owners realize their dreams of entrepreneurial success without the fear of drowning in the details.

"Running a small business shouldn't boil down to mere survival," Keyes said.

Keyes ran a successful gas distribution company in Canada until the 15-hour workdays and lack of resources forced his hand. He sold and took a job working for Runaware, the global leader in online demo solutions and cloud computing initiatives based in Coral Springs. He saw how investing in the right consultants and resources contributed to his employer's success.

"Where small businesses fail is that they don't see the value of spending money to make money," Keyes said. "All they see is a figure. We want to show them that this is really a small obstacle to long-term financial success."

About Nexxus Management

Nexxus Management is a South Florida-based company specializing in providing sales and marketing services to small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and home-based businesses. Nexxus purchases and invests in small businesses, giving its clients the benefits of an aggressive, highly responsive and fully committed team dedicated to maximizing long-term financial success.

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