Spread Networks Announces Chicago-New York Latency Improvements

RIDGELAND, Miss., Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Spread Networks, LLC, a privately owned telecommunications provider, today announced latency improvements on Spread's two premiere service offers.

Spread's flagship Ultra Low Latency Chicago-New York Dark Fiber service is now operational at a roundtrip latency of 12.98 milliseconds roundtrip, a 100 microsecond improvement from Spread's previous 13.1 millisecond offering. The latency improvement over Spread's dark fiber, which is already implemented, is the result of continuous route improvements that Spread has undertaken since going live in August, 2010. Spread's 12.98 millisecond dark fiber offering provides customers with unlimited bandwidth on a 99.999% available service at the lowest latencies achievable by fiber optic networks between these two financial centers. For financial customers who value low-latency and reliability for their mission critical trading applications, there is no other comparable solution.

Spread's Ultra Low Latency Chicago-New York Wavelength service is also benefitting from a latency improvement. Scheduled for implementation on October 12th, the ULL Wavelength service will now achieve operational round-trip latency between Chicago and New York below 14.1 milliseconds roundtrip. These latency improvements to the ULL Wavelength service follow up immediately upon Spread's recent deployment of 100G technology on the same ULL Wavelength service.

Murray White, Spread's EVP Market Development comments: "Since our launch in August, 2010, Spread has continued to innovate and improve upon our offerings. Today, Spread has achieved yet another new latency standard for optical network service between Chicago and New York. We're pleased that we can deliver these latest improvements to our customers and remain committed to providing the fastest, most reliable, and best-managed network services available on the Chicago-New York route."

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Spread Networks, a privately owned telecommunications provider, built a new fiber network from the ground up, connecting New York and Chicago to set a new standard for latency. Without the drag of traditional telecommunications offerings, Spread Networks provides its customers with a state-of-the-art diverse and secure fiber optic network to allow data to run as close as possible to the true speed of light through fiber.



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