Tasktop's Dave West To Outline Successful Lean Approaches To ALM At Agile Business Conference 2012 In London

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --


Dave West

Tasktop Technologies

Chief Product Officer


West is instrumental in building Tasktop into a transformative business that is driving major improvements in the software industry. He engages with customers and partners to drive Tasktop's product roadmap and market positioning, and is considered one of the foremost industry experts on Agile methodologies and software development and deployment.


Lean ALM—Scaling Agile in the Enterprise

Oct. 10 15.05 – 15.45 BST

For many organizations the reality of Agile software delivery is 'water-scrum-fall,' with an Agile team based approach operating in the context of traditional, sequential planning and deployment activities. While teams get much better at building software, waste creeps in before and after development.

When you grow outside of the team, the ideas of ALM are important, defining principles and practices that allow knowledge to flow throughout the lifecycle. In this presentation, West will discuss the need for a next generation ALM approach and how ALM and Lean can be married to provide the perfect backdrop for Agile.

Make Your ALM Architecture Lean

Oct. 10 16.00 to 16.40 BST

We all know that software is the not so secret sauce of business innovation, but many organizations do not have an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) strategy. The manufacturing and maintaining software requires process, people and tools to work together in seamless harmony to optimize the output in the constrained environment. But, for many organizations, their tools, process and people have become disconnected.

During this session West will explain how organizations can start thinking about ALM from an architectural perspective and what the implications are to software delivery organizations. He will describe a world where ALM is a key business process for organizations and show how, with some careful architecture, software delivery can be optimized to deliver real business value.


Agile Business Conference

Inmarsat Conference Centre



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