Spredfast Delivers LinkedIn Company Pages and Targeted Status Updates

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Spredfast, the leading social marketing software provider and member of the LinkedIn Social Media Management (SMM) Partner Program, today announced further integration with LinkedIn to support Company Page functionality and Targeted Status Updates in the Spredfast platform. The expanded integration with the world's largest professional social network provides enterprises with the ability to monitor and engage their LinkedIn audiences efficiently, while messaging into audience subsets more effectively.

"LinkedIn is an essential part of our social communication strategy and is a critical channel that we use to connect with prospects, customers and industry experts," said John Rizzo, Chief Marketing Officer at Jive Software. "Our company page followers on LinkedIn are diverse. So, Spredfast's enhanced targeting capabilities for LinkedIn Company Pages will help ensure that we're reaching the right people in the community with the most relevant content."

LinkedIn is critical to hundreds of Spredfast's clients who engage with as many as 530,000 followers, as often as 116 times per month. These social marketing teams can now leverage LinkedIn audiences more strategically, by using the new integration to publish efficiently and target audiences by attributes like industry, seniority, or geography.

"Many of our clients view LinkedIn as a key component to their social strategy for communication with key prospects and customers, as well as a source of more highly qualified traffic to broader digital properties," said Jon Sander, director of planning & social media at Mason Zimbler. "With LinkedIn's new targeting capabilities available in the Spredfast platform, we can now take advantage of helping our clients create the specified content and tailored messages needed to reach targeted audiences among their followers in an organized, programmatic way."

The enhanced level of targeted engagement, monitoring, and data availability provided through this integration offer organizations a more impactful way to create meaningful conversations with their followers on LinkedIn. Now Spredfast customers can:

  • Coordinate Content for Company Page Posts – Users can schedule posts, plan campaigns, and collaborate on content for their Company Pages. This brings a new level of coordination and planning to LinkedIn engagement.
  • Target posts for better engagement – Businesses can leverage LinkedIn's new targeting capabilities from within the Spredfast console. This allows users to target updates based on LinkedIn followers' company size, industry, function, seniority or geography.
  • Respond more efficiently – In addition to existing functionality for LinkedIn Personal Pages and Groups, users can monitor and respond to activity on their Company Pages from within Spredfast. By triaging inquiries, leveraging workflows, and collaborating on responses from one platform, teams can be more efficient than ever before.
  • Understand the audience – Spredfast gives teams insight into audience demographics like company size, industry, job function and seniority. Users can quickly compare how different groups within their audience are engaging to identify what is resonating within different segments of their audience. These insights will inform future content strategies and grow networks overtime.

"As a member of their Social Media Management (SMM) Partner Program, we regularly collaborate with LinkedIn to bring the latest capabilities to market through our platform. Many of our customers have used targeting with LinkedIn Ads for some time now – with great results. So expansion of targeting to organic posts on Company Pages will be a familiar, powerful new capability," said Jim Rudden, CMO at Spredfast. "This will give companies the ability to implement a much richer content marketing strategy through their Company Pages on LinkedIn."

About Spredfast:

Based in Austin, Texas, Spredfast provides social media management software that allows organizations to manage, monitor, and measure their social media programs at scale. Spredfast enables more people, in more places, to engage in more conversations from a single platform on supported social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, and popular blogging platforms. Some of the enterprise and agency adopters on board with Spredfast include AT&T, Jason's Deli, Warner Brothers, Whole Foods Market, AARP, AGAIN Interactive, Coty Beauty, HomeAway and WCG. For more information, visit www.spredfast.com

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