Wholesaler Launches Excess Merchandise Liquidation Program

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- This week Via Trading Corp., a leading liquidator of wholesale merchandise, introduced a new excess inventory program to the merchandise liquidation industry: LiquidateNow.

This streamlined program offers a solution for businesses (manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers, etc.) to unload their unwanted overstock, excess or obsolete inventory.

Often and for various reasons (such as canceled orders, bankruptcies and manufacturing defects), companies in the consumer goods market are left with excessive amounts of unwanted goods that tie up capital, warehouse or storage space and are draining on resources.

With the constant goal of solidifying its position as an industry leader by providing solutions to common industry problems, Via Trading introduced LiquidateNow, offering companies a fast and hassle-free way to move their unwanted inventory while simultaneously offering its customers a wider selection of products.

"We've been offering consignment services to vendors for years," says Alain Stambouli, Via Trading President and creator of LiquidateNow, "but it's not until the last year or so that we really identified a need to make the process accessible to anyone, easy and trackable. If we can take goods off the hands of people who can't move them and channel them to people who have a real market for them while providing a low-fee, fast-turnaround service -- everyone profits."

LiquidateNow is based on the principles of ease of use and transparency. The inventory liquidation program is web-based and accessible 24/7. Owners of excess inventory can simply visit the website, read about the program's terms and submit their inventory for review through an online form. Once the inventory is accepted, Via Trading (typically) takes possession of the goods, processes and packs them for resale and pushes the products through its wide network of resale channels which include live auctions, online sales, trade shows, in-person warehouse sales and email marketing.

LiquidateNow vendors are then able to track their sales in real time through Via Trading's website, receive email notifications whenever products are sold and opt to receive payment by check or store credit towards merchandise.

LiquidateNow arrives to Via Trading after several other developments this year, including the complete redesign of their ecommerce platform as well as the introduction of the Load Center, an online database of all Via Trading's available pallets, loads and their corresponding manifests, bringing the efficiency of technology to an industry that has been somewhat behind the times.

Via Trading is a wholesale liquidation company that provides solutions for everyday retailers to clear their unwanted inventory and offers opportunities for entrepreneurs to obtain products to resell at a fraction of their value. The company is based in Los Angeles and operates out of a 240,000 square foot facility.

For media inquiries please contact Nathania Stambouli at 323-775-9790 or Nathania@viatrading.com.

SOURCE Via Trading Corp.