A CALL TO MEN Celebrates a Decade Empowering Men to Live a Healthy Manhood and End Violence Against Women

NEW YORK, Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Tonight at 6:30 at the Eventi Hotel in New York City, A CALL TO MEN will be joined by celebrity actors, musicians and professional athletes to celebrate a decade working to empower men to live a healthy manhood and end violence against women. Among the numerous sponsors is filmmaker Perri Peltz.

"A CALL TO MEN is honored to stand with our friends and partners and celebrate our collective effort to galvanize a national movement of men committed to ending violence and discrimination against women and girls," said Ted Bunch, co-founder of A CALL TO MEN. "We have had the honor of working with two of the most influential and progressive organizations in our country who are dedicated to ending violence against women and girls. We look forward to celebrating the Verizon Foundation and the NoVo Foundation - for their incredible contributions to our work and to ending violence."

The Envision Our World 10th Anniversary event will feature A CALL TO MEN's groundbreaking work shifting the social norms that define manhood in our culture and promoting the understanding of the root causes of violence against women.

"There is no doubt that A CALL TO MEN is a key component in engaging men's participation and responsibility to ending violence against women," said international activist Gloria Steinem.

A CALL TO MEN will honor Rose Stuckey Kirk, President of the Verizon Foundation, with the Exemplary Corporate Leadership Award. The award will be presented by Chris Canty, New York Giants defensive tackle and founder of the Chris Canty Foundation.

Kirk said: "At Verizon we use our technology and our financial resources to solve a number of critical issues. That's why the Verizon Foundation has been creating and implementing a number of programs for years that bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence. We are committed to addressing this major public health problem through victim relief and empowerment resources in order to reduce the devastating repercussions it has on our society. Using our resources to address domestic violence is just one way that Verizon shares its success to help make the world a better place."

A CALL TO MEN will also honor Jennifer and Peter Buffet, co-chairs of the NoVo Foundation, with the Legacy Award, for their dedication to ending violence and discrimination against women and girls. Tony Award-winning playwright, performer and activist Eve Ensler will present the award.

"The NoVo Foundation is working to transform our world from one of domination and exploitation to one of collaboration and partnership. Ending violence against women and girls is a critical first step, and will empower one of our world's largest under-valued and untapped populations," said Jennifer Buffet, president and co-chair of the NoVo Foundation. "We are grateful to A CALL TO MEN for their dedication and privileged to celebrate with them tonight."

Following the awards presentation, the evening will conclude with a performance of "Women of Hope" by Morley, a New York-born composer, singer and performer.


A CALL TO MEN challenges men to reconsider their long-held beliefs about women, in an effort to create a more just society. The organization encourages change in the behaviors of men through education and trainings that promote healthy manhood. A CALL TO MEN works with colleges, corporations, government agencies, nonprofit and grassroots organizations. To learn more, visit www.acalltomen.org.