Success at the Core Tops 10,000-User Milestone in Education Improvement Bid

SEATTLE, Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Can online video instruction help educators do a better job of teaching young people? Success at the Core thinks so, and today announced its milestone 10,000th registered user of Success at the Core's free, online videos and professional development tools for educators. Launched in 2010, Success at the Core has helped students experience increased engagement and motivation in classrooms; greater capacity to collaborate; and deeper understanding of classroom content. Today, 10,000 users in all 50 states and the District of Columbia use Success at the Core (SaC).

Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen and his documentary film company, Vulcan Productions, built SaC in partnership with Education Development Center, a non-profit that creates innovative programs to improve education. Together, they created 47 documentary-quality videos of real teachers and school leaders engaged in exceptional classroom instruction and leadership team practices.

"Teachers have embraced Success at the Core, showing they are eager to find new ways to become better educators," said Paul G. Allen, founder of Vulcan Productions. "We're confident Success at the Core can be used to make a substantial difference in the classroom and to help teachers and principals become even more effective in our schools."

In addition to its web-based library of award-winning videos and online resources, Success at the Core this summer launched its Core Connections blog and has a Facebook page and Twitter feed to help educators collaborate and share best practices via social media.

Earlier this year, Success at the Core selected an inaugural group of 10 high-achieving educators for the Success at the Core Fellows program. Through 2013, these educators will engage peers via social media, speaking engagements and in-person collaboration. Success at the Core also introduced its Core State Collaborative this year, comprised of education organizations mobilizing to implement SaC resources across participating states.

Success at the Core has earned numerous awards since its launch, including a Best Educational Software (BESSIE) Award for Best Professional Development Website, the CINE Golden Eagle Award, the Houston Worldfest Gold Remi Award, and the Silver Telly Award.

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Success at the Core is a community of educators focused on improving student achievement through professional development for teachers and leadership teams. In 2010, Success at the Core launched a set of free, field-tested, web-based professional development materials designed to help leadership teams and teachers elevate classroom instruction and improve student outcomes. Success at the Core features 47 documentary-quality videos, seven modules for leadership teams, and 24 practical strategies for classroom teachers. These materials help teachers and leadership teams work together to drive school-wide instructional improvement. Success at the Core is a collaboration between Education Development Center, a global nonprofit organization that addresses some of the world's most urgent challenges in education, health and economic development, and Vulcan Productions, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul G. Allen's award-winning film company. Visit for more information, or join our conversations at:

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