THE VOICE OF COLOR Program of PPG PORTER PAINTS Brand Forecasts Teal and Fuchsia for Home Decor in 2013-2014

PITTSBURGH, Oct 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Color isn't just back—it's back in a big way and here to stay, according to the color forecast for home decor in 2013-2014 from the PPG PORTER PAINTS(R) brand. Homeowners have come to appreciate the newfound infusion of vibrant hues into all aspects of modern society. Once hesitant, they've become more comfortable with powerful color, and they're showing their creativity by embracing deep, dramatic teals such as French Riviera and sharp, playful fuchsias such as Rose Marquis in their homes. These are just two of the 25 lively key colors presented in Color Minded, the 2013-2014 trends for THE VOICE OF COLOR(R) program.

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"We are living at a time when an unprecedented platform for self-expression exists due to the constant transformation of technology and ever-growing connectivity and communication," said Dee Schlotter, brand manager, The Voice of Color program of the PPG Porter Paints brand. "Consumers are articulating their creativity like never before. Fresh, bold color has permeated our daily lives, becoming an increasingly dramatic character in home decor and overall design. Homeowners who were once leery of color are now embracing it with open arms and a brand-new level of sophistication."

The influence of new technologies and a society propelled by ideals at an ever-evolving pace are driving color-packed palettes for 2013. With such an abundance of bold colors, the method for integrating color and lifestyle will vary from person to person—and that will make all the difference in interpretation, according to Schlotter. For some, the urge to retreat to life's fundamental basics will yield simple yet adaptable, thoughtful application of home design elements. For others, self-manifestation will be embellished by loud, unexpected design sensibility as fashionable, futuristic technology takes center stage. Overall, sleek and chic is in, but only when paired with a friendly, inviting atmosphere.

"Everything is more sophisticated and multimodal in its design today—from our smartphones to the cars we drive and the clothes we wear," Schlotter added. "This sophistication translates to home decor, as we're now building increasingly complex decor designs with profound depth."

The key trend colors for the PPG Porter Paints brand are presented in signature five-color palette cards that offer color opportunities for all design elements in a space, from paint and window treatments to flooring and fabric. "A trend is never about just one color. It's about the combination of all the colors in a particular space," Schlotter noted.

The five new Color Minded trend palettes in The Voice of Color program for 2013-2014 will be available at dealers of PPG Porter Paints products across the United States. These palettes are:

Everyday Hero
Thoughtful and Versatile

This trend beckons the low-key, eco-friendly hipster. A mellow yet optimistically laid-back approach to colorization, the palette favors smart, functional basics. Highlighting designs and products that simply work well and adapt to lifestyles with no added fuss or embellishment, this theme embraces clean, crisp lines, order and lightness. Touches of industrial elements mixed with plywood surfaces, subtle textures and quirky accents bring this palette to life.

Earthen, terra cotta shades of red and brown warm the palette, while khaki, gray and white serve as neutrals. PPG Porter Paints paint colors in this palette are Ginger Root (224-6), Whippet (522-4), Chaps (321-6), Cream Puff (522-1) and Light Sage (409-4).

Fantastical and Enchanting

This palette brings to life a fairytale environment for grown-ups. A whimsical design ideal, the color palette is a mix of dark and delicate. A hint of the 1980s emerges with sharp fuchsia and magenta playing against teal. Skewed and unexpected shaped furniture challenges perceptions. Gold mirrors and transparent items add impact as dazzling embellishments contribute to the flair for the extraordinary. The perfect escape from reality, this trend plucks decor components straight out of a wonderland.

Bright colors such as fuchsia and sea foam are the energetic bolt between dramatic black and feminine pale pink, blue and gray neutrals. PPG Porter Paints paint colors in this palette are French Riviera (225-7), Gypsum (520-1), Spice Cookie (328-2), Rose Marquis (136-6) and Black Magic (518-7).

Artful Expression
Eclectic and Vibrant

An eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary references embodies a live-out-loud spirit while celebrating a deep, emotional connection to tradition and multiculturalism throughout this deeply expressive trend. For those comfortable with vivid color as a permanent part of their environment, this palette is pure energy—mixing playful sophistication with loaded and intense hues, graphic patterns and dynamic prints. Traditional meets bohemian with crochet, string art and handmade pottery decor components.

Vibrant midtones and bright colors work in powerful combinations through hybrids such as mustard yellow, olive green and salmon shades. PPG Porter Paints paint colors in this palette are Cinnamon Stone (129-7), Copper Kettle (226-5), Macaroon Cream (511-1), Willow Herb (210-6) and Indian Maize (215-5).

Discreet Luxury
Contemporary and Classic

This palette is a contemporary take on classic masculine and feminine ideas, blending curvaceous forms with sturdy materials. Tuning into the modern-day "Mad Men," this theme relies heavily on texture, surface design and material to convey craftsmanship and emphasizes the importance of integrity in design. Mixed metallics, porous woods and textured fabrics offer a rugged yet refined timelessness. Past and modern-day styling work together to create a look that is luxurious and elegant while remaining reserved and inviting.

The mood of this palette is conveyed by pairing rich, sumptuous reddish-browns with rich blues and pale blues and grays. PPG Porter Paints paint colors in this palette include Copper Beach (327-6), Warm Mahogany (430-7), Blue Fjord (448-6), Blue Beard (546-4) and Gray Marble (530-4).

Modern Is Tech
Streamlined and Calculated

Pared-down and fashionable, this trend embraces the modernist spirit with the stark but friendly appeal of futuristic technology. Born of a philosophy that suggests the traditional aspects of everyday life are quickly becoming outdated, this theme seeks a new outlook and vision for living. Strong, mathematical lines with the occasional touch of fluidity are met by clean, compact fabrics. Chic precision resonates throughout the theme.

The color palette includes blocks of black and white against lively primary hues, offering concrete gray shades as a midway point between the two. PPG Porter Paints paint colors in this palette are Newport Blue (150-6), Atrium White (523-1), Sun Shower (114-5), Silver Sword (507-3) and Red Gumball (233-7).

The 2013-2014 Color Minded palettes, along with 2,000 additional colors in The Voice of Color program, are available in any of the PPG Porter Paints paint lines, including PURE PERFORMANCE(R) paint—a premium-quality paint brand that has zero VOCs in the base paint* and low odor during application and drying—and MANOR HALL(R) paint and Manor Hall TIMELESS(R) paint—super-premium performance paints offering superior coverage and brighter finish than competing brands.

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*Colorants added to this base paint may increase VOC level significantly depending on color choice.

PPG Color Leadership

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