Rentrak Reports Ratings For The 2012 Presidential Debate Across All Broadcast & Cable Networks

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Rentrak Corporation (NASDAQ: RENT), the leader in multi-screen media measurement serving the advertising, television and entertainment industries, today announced "overnight" ratings information from Wednesday night's presidential debate, the first between President Obama and GOP candidate, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

The first, 1-1/2-hour debate, included just six questions. Moderated by Jim Lehrer, of PBS Newshour, his questions focused on the economy, health care, governing, and the role of government.

According to Rentrak, 49,149,440 households, or a 31.28 rating, tuned in to the debate for at least one minute across broadcast and cable networks. Overall, the average home tuned in and watched 66% percent of the debate or 73.0% of the total time. Rentrak also looked at key markets in swing states. Cleveland, Ohio led the pack with a 127 index to the average. In terms of audience flow, the level of viewing was fairly constant throughout the debate, with a bump at 10 p.m. (which probably occurred due to switch over from other programs). Results are based on one million set-top boxes reporting by 6:00 a.m. PDT on Oct. 4.

Bruce Goerlich, Chief Research Officer at Rentrak said, "We are proud to be the only ratings service providing the country with a detailed snapshot of this major event."

The final presidential debate will be held on October 22 and will focus on foreign policy rather than domestic policy. CBS correspondent Bob Schieffer will moderate.

Below is a table of key markets and a second-by-second graph.

Selected Example Results from Key Swing States:


Index to

National Average Rating

Cleveland, OH


Orlando, FL


Raleigh, NC


Charlotte, NC


Roanoke, VA


Colorado Springs, CO


Denver, CO


Dayton, OH


Tallahassee, FL


Richmond, VA


Norfolk, VA


Cedar Rapids, IA


Ft. Myers, FL


Madison, WI


Greenville, NC


Washington DC


Miami, FL


Reno, NV


Second-by-Second Ratings Graph:

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