Yes on Prop 33 Announces Orange County Register Support

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Orange County Register has weighed in with editorial support for Proposition 33, the auto insurance discount initiative that will lower rates and make our streets safer, the Yes on Prop 33 campaign announced today.

"This discount will increase competition, lower prices and insure more Californians," noted the Register in its September 28th editorial.

Proposition 33 will re-enact provisions in automobile insurance law that from 1996 to 2002 dramatically lowered rates and slashed the number of uninsured drivers by half, said Rachel Hooper, a spokesperson for the Yes On Prop 33 campaign.

With 48 states across the country already allowing this continuous coverage discount, California consumers will join the rest of the nation in benefiting from the policies found in Proposition 33, she said.

Proposition 33 benefits the 85 percent of Californians who have car insurance by allowing them to shop for a better deal and the 15 percent by making car insurance more affordable. Proposition 33 also benefits those whose insurance has lapsed due to active military duties, unemployment for up to 18 months, dependents living with their parents and those who give are ill or give up their cars for a number of years.

The Register joins an impressive group of Proposition 33 supporters, including the state's highway patrol officers, firefighters, ethnic organizations, major veterans' groups and a bi-partisan group of elected officials.

The Register also wrote: "Insurance requires a balanced approach, divorced from politics. We recommend a Yes vote on Prop. 33."

The measure has special appeal to California's men and women in the armed forces.

"By voting Yes on Prop. 33, Californians will be demonstrating not just a commitment to all consumers, but especially the needs of those who serve in uniform," said veterans advocate, Pete Conaty, Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired). "The provisions and benefits Proposition 33 would offer millions of California drivers while addressing a real problem specific to veterans and others who experience a lapse in their policies."

On a related note, Conaty provided additional perspective in the following opinion piece that appeared in the Sept. 27 edition of the Vacaville Reporter:

Yes on Prop. 33 Opinion: All drivers stand to benefit from lower auto insurance rates
By Pete Conaty TheReporter.Com
Posted: Sept. 27, 2012

SOURCE Yes on Prop 33