California Rent-A-Car: For the Generation that Says Ownership is Overrated

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- California Rent-A-Car is where the people of Southern California go for great service and an unbeatable selection of rentals. If you're looking for car rental in Los Angeles, check out their website and you really will find an incomparable selection of fantastic new models. As the choice of the movie industry, California Rent-A-Car has no choice but to offer an array of diverse and immaculately maintained cars if they want to maintain their status as the go-to film industry car rental agency. However, if you're a member of the so-called "recession generation," you might not even want to own a car, and the time you spend as a renter might be the only time you spend behind the wheel.

Renting as an alternative to ownership doesn't only include long-term leasing. More and more, young people who opt not to own or lease a car still keep their driver's licenses because they'd like to keep renting on the table as an option. When road trips with friends pop up, or they want to enjoy a new car model, they're finding that a few days' rental is a long-term savings, particularly when they pool their money. When they choose California Rent-A-Car, they get an unbeatable price, like $39 per day for a like-new Jetta. They also get the reliability that comes with renting from California's premier rental agency, without having to change tires or oil themselves.

In the process, California Rent-A-Car has become the service leader in LAX car rental as well. Now that a new generation has turned away from ownership altogether, relatively small agencies like California Rent-A-Car are the lucky benefactors of all that youth business, provided they can offer kind of the top-shelf service and selection "Millennials" and "Gen-Y-ers" have come to expect.

Simply providing car rental at LAX is enough for the car rental agencies of yesteryear. California Rent-A-Car takes the business of the under 35 crowd as a mandate. By providing some of the most exciting new models of Volkswagen, hybrids from Toyota and Honda, and even luxury models like Audi that the younger generations favor, they've shown that they listen to the preferences of the "Recession Generation."

There are a lot of choices for, offers services, visit online. Don't settle for long lines and obnoxious employees when California Rent-A-Car offers a better way.

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