Don't Lose Control of New Hires Like Lehrer Lost Control of the Debate

CHICAGO, Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- For anybody who tuned into Wednesday night's presidential debates, you bore witness to a pretty unorganized mess of "2 minute" intervals. There was too much going on and Jim Lehrer lost control of the task at hand. At UrbanBound, we see this all the time when it comes to onboarding and relocating new hires. Unfortunately, hiring managers get bogged down with everything they have going on and don't have time to follow up with their task at hand...engaging their newly hired employees.


After an offer is made, more often than not, the communication dwindles to almost nothing as the new employee relocates across the country to start work at their new job. This is a time when engagement needs to be better than ever, as this is typically when employees become disconnected.

Here are 3 steps to make sure you do a better job handling onboarding and relocation and your company won't end up trending on twitter for your poor "moderating".

  1. Give more than a lump sumDon't get us wrong, a lump sum is fantastic, and more than some employers are able to offer. But, there is so much more your employee needs when relocating than financial help. What neighborhoods are the best for them to live in? Who can help them find a home? What is the best way for them to move to their new city? Once they are here, what's next? Try not to send the check and wish them luck. Show that you really care about the decisions they are making and offer guidance to make the transition easier.
  2. Get them excited about their new cityIf someone loves your company from 9-5 (kudos to you), but isn't enjoying the after-hours, I wouldn't expect them to stick around for long. Getting a new employee to fall in love with your city is sometimes just as important as getting them to fall in love with your company. Good news is, that can be fixed before they even pack up and move. By providing them information on what to do and how to get acclimated, you can offer them activities to engage them after the clock strikes 5. Also, getting them connected with others that recently moved or communities that are important to them can go a long way with employee retention.
  3. Communicate with them throughout their transitionIf your communication method is an email before their first day to "confirm start date and time", then there is some work to do. Your new hire needs to feel that they are important and that you are genuinely concerned with how their relocation is going. They are placing a large amount of trust in your company and it is important to show them you are dedicated to them, just as much as they are dedicated to you. Try and time the emails and phone calls every week or two, just to catch up on how everything is going. If you have a large hiring class this can get a little tricky and time consuming, that is where some type of an automation system will be extra important.

For every company, relocation and onboarding means something different. Just like for every person their political views mean something different. But, at the end of the day we are all trying to work together to create a better company/country.

Although UrbanBound can't bring down the nation's tax deficit, we can help you relocate your new employees with ease. Contact us today to learn how you can do all of the above and more by managing your employees relocation through UrbanBound.
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