Corinex Communications Corp. Unveils Concentrator with Three Standards: BPL, Prime, G3

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Next week at the European Metering Billing/CRM conference, Corinex Communications Corp. will present an industry first - a dual band Smart Grid Powerline Concentrator (CXP-SGCON) that can support three metering communication standards. The CXP-SGCON will allow for a mass rollout of the BPL infrastructure for metering and Smart Grid.

The Corinex Smart Grid Powerline Concentrator is a new system component for the Smart Metering Infrastructure (SMI) and Smart Grid solution. It is the same size of a standard meter with Broadband over Powerline (BPL), narrowband Powerline Communications (PLC) and G3 communication technologies available to communicate with the meters. The CXP-SGCON can use either GPRS/G3 or Gigabit Ethernet/Fiber interfaces to relay the data from the meters and Smart Grid to the Utilities’ operations centre. With the CXP-SGCON being able to support all these communication choices, the Meter Data Management (MDM) requires integration with only the Corinex Head-End system (HES) to be able to communicate with all these technologies. The HES is already integrated in the MDM of two major vendors. With the price of a CXP-SGCON being comparable with existing narrow band concentrators, utilities have an all-in-one solution which is financially justified.

With up to 200 Mbps available on the metering and smart grid level, and with the CXP-SGCON being able to support up to 2000 meters, this allows the integration of local load control functionalities such as sensors, SCADA data, etc. into one traffic pipe, significantly reducing infrastructure costs. Furthermore, the Corinex BPL solution automatically manages household loads, as well as, maintains energy balance on the substation level. This is becoming important with the increasing number of small renewable energy sources.

The Corinex CXP-SGCON aggregates BPL and Prime (and as option G3) network traffic to an upper level HES. The HES is located at the utility control centre and data is sent over the built-in backhaul network interface (GPRS/G3 or Gigabit Ethernet/Fiber). Thus, smart energy meters from a wide variety of vendors and other intelligent devices connected within the BPL meter or Prime meter network, can be configured, monitored and managed remotely.

The CXP-SGCON has local SD card storage options, two RS-232 and two RS-485 serial ports, as well as, additional USB ports. Corinex’s CXP-SGCON is designed for both indoor and outdoor use with an IP54 rating on its enclosure.

The CXP-SGCON is a key element of Corinex’s end-to-end high-speed powerline connectivity solutions for smart meters of various meter vendors, including a multi-utility solution for Water and Gas meters. The Corinex 200 Mbps communication infrastructure is open and can be integrated with any smart meter.

The CXP-SGCON and a live demo of the Corinex Smart Metering and SmartGrid solution will be showcased at the Corinex Booth #D60 during the Amsterdam European Metering Billing/CRM conference. For a personal demonstration, please contact John Evora at +1-604-763-6644 or via email at

From its inception, Corinex has been the leader in the design and development of powerline products. Corinex has three generations of utility grade powerline products installed in leading utilities around the world and carrier grade BPL products installed in access networks of network operators. Corinex also provides integrated AMI and SmartGrid software solutions based on BPL technology for industry leading meter manufacturers which includes BPL communication modules for smart meters. Corinex deployments are simple and risk free using the Corinex Smart Grid Connect software. Corinex technology is patented.

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