BioSurplus Holds Its First Three-Location Lab Equipment Overstock Auction

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- BioSurplus announced today that it is hosting its first three-location major distributor overstock auction, running from October 4th through the 11th, 2012.

BioSurplus is committed to providing excellent customer service. The auction's three-location format extends this commitment by offering equipment in locations that are convenient to its customers in the biotech hubs of San Diego, Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area, all in a single, simultaneous auction.

The timed online auction will feature over 300 lots including items such as: Thermo and New Brunswick Ultra-Low Freezers, a Thermo IEC CL30 centrifuge, a Fisher Micromaster microscope, a Thermo Sorvall ultracentrifuge, an Abaxis Picollo Xpress Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, a Triangle Biomedical ATP-120 Tissue Embedder and many more like-new items from one of the biggest distributors in the business.

All equipment can be viewed during BioSurplus' showroom hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the following locations:

San Diego


10805 Vista Sorrento Pkwy, #200

56 Roland St., Suite 107

San Diego, CA 92121

Boston, MA 02129

Bay Area/Fremont

46791 Fremont Blvd.

Fremont, CA 94538

Please visit for more information and to view the online catalog.

About BioSurplus

Since 2002, BioSurplus has assembled a team of scientific experts to pioneer leading edge solutions for every stage of the lab equipment lifecycle. From providing a website of dynamic inventory, as well online auctions, to developing software solutions that allow clients to manage their own equipment, to offering turnkey solutions for selling surplus assets, BioSurplus is dedicated to maximizing the value and use of laboratory equipment for its customers. To this end, it has become a leading supplier of pre-owned laboratory instruments and equipment management services.

BioSurplus is headquartered in San Diego and has large showrooms in San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston (coming soon) and a new showroom in Korea. BioSurplus offers services nationally and sells equipment worldwide. For more information, please visit the corporate website at

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