Doug Berger for NC Senate: Questions Arise in NC Senate District 18 Race about Republican Chad Barefoot's Experience

Representative Bradley and Michael Shriver Shunned by Republican Establishment in Support of Inexperienced Political Aide

RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- During the last legislative session, senate districts were redrawn by the Republican majority. One of the more impacted areas was the former NC Senate District 7 (Franklin, Granville, Vance, and Warren), which was carved up sending Franklin county as well as portions of Wake county into the newly formed NC Senate District 18. This forced 4-term senator, Doug Berger, into a new district where he is unknown to many of the Wake county voters.

The Republican primary featured Representative Glen Bradley, Michael Shriver, and Chad Barefoot, a man in his twenties serving as an aide to Representative Paul Stam. After enjoying the support of the Republican establishment, Barefoot won the primary.

For weeks questions have surfaced about Barefoot and caused some to question the circumstances of Republican support for a young, inexperienced candidate over several other seasoned and qualified candidates. Recently, the Independent Weekly released an editorial on Chad Barefoot's ascendency, the way the race has played out, and the amounts of money being spent win this seat.

The NC Senate District 18 race represents a clear choice between Berger and Barefoot.

Senator Doug Berger's distinguished legal career has included serving as a prosecutor, judge, and an attorney in private practice. Berger has also served as a middle and high school teacher as well as a youth football coach. Senator Berger's background in education and law has given him tremendous perspective and insight during his four terms in the Senate.

Given the tremendous gap in experience, Barefoot sought to define Berger by airing a childish commercial with a total advertising cost approaching $300,000.00 – an unprecedented sum for one month of spending in a state senate campaign. Today Doug Berger for NC Senate announced the launch of a website,, where voters can compare the experience and record of Senator Doug Berger with the limited experience of Chad Barefoot. When asked about the new site, Berger said, "The site offers a clean, clear a side-by-side comparison between my experience and Chad's – the same as if we were applying for a job. The voters of the newly formed NC Senate District 18 are interviewing, and our resumes are on"

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