AmeriWorks Announced Today the Introduction of a Classroom Version of its On-line Cashier Training Course and an "Executive Fiduciary and Responsibilities Course" for Corporate Executives Seeking Crowd Funding under the JOBS Act

SCIOTA, Pa., Oct. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- AmeriWorks Financial Services, Inc. (OTC - AWKS) announced it has developed a classroom version of its Cashier Training Course and is also developing a Spanish version of the on-line course. In addition, a new study course, called the "Executive Fiduciary & Responsibilities Course", is being added to the on-line curriculum for executives of companies seeking capital through the crowd funding regulations of the JOBS Act.

The on-line cashier training course was introduced by AWKS on March 1, 2011 and consists of an online testing and certification site; a secondary course material website; a mobile website for students who want the freedom to learn the course material using a smartphone or iPad; a downloadable eBook version of the course and; an Amazon Kindle version of the course. Facebook, Twitter and two additional website properties are also provided as additional education and job resources for those seeking employment as a cashier. Two of the Company's websites are and The on-line course is approximately 3 hours long, consists of ten chapters with quizzes and a final exam of 64 questions taken randomly from a pool of 264 questions. The final exam takes about 2 hours to complete. The on-line course is $39.95.

The classroom version, being introduced on November 1, 2012, consists of three forty-five minute sessions by an instructor with quizzes and a final exam. Once complete, the student receives a classroom certification. The classroom version can be taught all across the country by qualified instructors who get paid per student. The classroom course is $150. Each student will pay $50 up-front and AWKS will finance the balance through four equal ACH payments of $25 per month. The instructor will be paid $30 per student and be provided all the necessary materials to teach the course.

For the first time, AWKS plans to launch several advertising and promotion campaigns regarding the cashier course, targeting retail and grocery print media as well as local television. Within six months of beginning its marketing campaign, AWKS believes it will sell 500 to 1000 cashier training courses per month, including classroom versions of the course. The company will also hire an in-house sales executive to solicit sales of the course to industry executives, employment agencies and supermarket chains across the country as well as set-up and manage the classroom courses around the country.

AWKS has also been developing an "Executive Fiduciary & Responsibilities Course" ("EFR Course"), which will target executives and principals of companies seeking to raise capital through the crowd funding regulations of the JOBS Act. Crowd funding is a new small business funding approach, the purpose of which is to create business financing opportunities through investments by many small investors via the Internet. "Although the JOBS Act attempts to provide funding platforms for businesses seeking funding from the public, the fact is that management of a private company usually has no idea what their fiduciary responsibilities become once shareholders are added into the equation", said Louis Perosi, Jr. President of AWKS. "There are numerous risks involved in crowd funding and one of the most significant risks is management's ability to understand there is now a family of shareholders to report to", continued Perosi. This course will be introduced on December 1, 2012 representing the second in a series of job courses to be added over the next nine months. The on-line EFR Course will cost $750 and AWKS projects the sale of 100 courses per month within six months of introduction. Crowd funding investors should insure that before they invest, the company executives understand their responsibilities to the public.

AWKS is currently working on several other courses for POS-University besides the EFR Course. Some of these courses may be available by March, 2013 or earlier. These courses include (i) debt collector functions and responsibilities, (ii) entry level understanding of stock transfer processes, (iii) proper procedures for drive-up window POS personnel, and (iii) proper waitress/waiter customer service & etiquette.

Investor relations inquiries should be made to Louis Perosi, Jr., President of AWKS at the corporate offices of the Company at 570-801-7800 Ext. 19.

This press release is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy the shares of stock, which offer to sell or solicitation to buy can only be made through a prospectus or an offering memorandum. For more information, contact AWKS and the contact person shown above.

SOURCE AmeriWorks Financial Services, Inc.