StartupValley Enables Technology Startups To Pitch Ideas On Prelaunch Crowdfunding Platform

SADDLE BROOK, N.J., Oct. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Equity crowdfunding site StartupValley offers entrepreneurs and growing businesses the ability to share ideas in a new section of the site's prelaunch platform. The new "Pitches" section of the site enables startups to gain feedback and exposure through comments and social medial sharing from members of the crowd. The page also ensures that startups remain up-to-date with the most immediate action possible for equity crowdfunding before the JOBS Act takes effect in January 2013. Similarly, the "Pitches" provide investors with the option to "follow" startups featured on the site. This feature shows both entrepreneurs and investors which ideas garner the largest following, and which ideas have the highest potential for success.

StartupValley is currently in beta until the JOBS Act comes into effect and the SEC releases the rules and regulations currently being established for funding portals. However, the equity crowdfunding platform remains on the cutting edge of government standards and technological innovation.

Founder and CEO of StartupValley, Daryl H. Bryant implemented the "Pitches" page to guarantee StartupValley's success, but moreover, to ensure that the startups flourish:

"The Pitches page is a crucial component of StartupValley. By allowing entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas, we are not only helping small businesses gain exposure, but also giving them the ability to provide market research on their company before this all takes effect. A pipeline of prepared entrepreneurs is central to the success of equity crowdfunding."

Entrepreneurs have already begun pitching their ideas on StartupValley and investors have started to "follow." The "Pitches" section allows startups to create their own profile on the site and features full pitch, updates, followers, documents and comments sections. The profile also includes a social media "share" button and allows for optional video embedding.

Bryant is a member of the Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Advocates and a co-founding board member of the Crowdfunding Professional Association. StartupValley has also received its Crowdfunding Portal Accreditation by On October 9, 2012 StartupValley will attend Crowdfunding Bootcamp and the First Annual CfPA National Conference in Lake Las Vegas, NV to promote and educate best crowdfund investing practices.

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SOURCE StartupValley