Europe Power-German spot climbs on wind lull

* Lower wind power on Monday pushes spot prices higher

* An increase in solar power does not outweigh trend

* New delays in restarts at French nuclear reactors

PARIS, Oct 5 (Reuters) - Forecasts showing a sharp fall in wind power capacity for Monday sent German spot electricity prices sharply up on Friday, countering the impact of more sun power in the region.

More delayed restarts at French nuclear power reactors also had a upward impact on prices.

Traders pointed to forecasts for lower wind power production in Germany, the Netherlands and France on Monday. Forecasts showing more solar output did not outweigh the trend.

Consumption in France is expected to be stable, compared with Friday, before rising further in the next days.

In Germany, the Monday delivery contract jumped by 10.25 euros per megawatt hour (MWh) in the over-the-counter market, while the corresponding French contract firmed 2.40 euros to 54.00 euros.

According to a Reuters estimate, 18,250 MW or 28.85 percent of France's nuclear production capacity is offline. This puts online availability at 45,010 MW or 71.15 percent.

The nuclear reactor 1 at Nogent will now restart with a three-week delay, the reactor 2 at Cattenom with a one-week delay and the reactor 4 at Bugey with a one-day delay.

Tight power supply may spark local blackouts in the event of a severe cold spell and could also trigger price spikes at a time when industry, bruised by the economic slowdown, badly needs to save energy costs.

Along the curve, Germany's benchmark contract for 2013 delivery rose by 30 cents to 48.08 euros/MWh and the French contract for the same delivery period by 40 cents to 50.85 cents.

Oil held above $112 per barrel on Friday after figures showed fewer people out of work in the United States, the world's biggest oil consumer.

(Reporting by Muriel Boselli, Michel Rose and Axelle Du Crest; Editing by David Holmes)

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