Valencia Veterinarian Emphasizes Importance of Pet Dental Care for Pet Health

VALENCIA, Calif., Oct. 7, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Animal Medical Center is reaching out to pet owners about the importance of regular pet dental care. According to Valencia veterinarian Dr. Baljit Grewal, many pet owners fail to realize that regular dental cleanings are an important part of pet preventative care. Without regular dental cleanings, pets are at risk for periodontal disease. This serious health condition can lead to bacterial infections, tooth loss and gum problems. To combat periodontal disease, Dr. Grewal recommends annual dental cleanings as well as weekly at-home tooth brushing.

Valencia veterinarian Dr. Baljit Grewal is raising awareness about the dangers of periodontal disease in pets. Dr. Grewal says that periodontal disease affects the majority of pets over the age of three years. Untreated, the disease can lead to serious health problems.

"The best way to prevent periodontal disease in pets is through annual dental cleanings," said Dr. Grewal. "Just as pet owners get their teeth cleaned regularly, so too should pets."

The buildup of bacteria and plaque along the gum line causes periodontal disease. As this plaque hardens, it pushes away the gums, which creates pockets susceptible to bacterial infections. Pet suffering from periodontal disease have inflamed, swollen and puffy gums. It can be difficult and painful to chew food, drink water or even play a game like fetch.

"Warning signs include a change in a pet's regular eating, drinking and play habits," said Dr. Grewal. "Pet owners should look out for swollen or bloody gums. Additionally, pets with periodontal disease have very bad, foul breath."

Pet preventative care, including annual pet dental cleanings and at-home brushing, is the best way to reduce the risk for periodontal disease.

"During an annual dental cleaning, we will scrape away plaque build-up from the gum line and polish the teeth," said Dr. Grewal. "This creates a smooth, polished surface that helps resist future bacterial build up."

The veterinarian recommends that pet owners opt for professional dental scaling, which uses anesthesia to help a pet relax while plaque is swept away from underneath the gum line. While non-anesthetic cleanings can give the appearance of cleaner teeth, anesthesia is necessary to effectively scrape plaque away from underneath the gum line.

Dr. Grewal is also warning pet owners about the dangers of tooth loss in pets. As plaque hardens into tartar, a condition called gingivitis occurs. Without preventative care, gingivitis can cause jawbone pain and tooth loss. The Valencia veterinarian also recommends that all pet owners regularly brush their pets' teeth. Dr. Grewal says that with patience and practice, pets will become accustomed to having their teeth brushed.

"Regular brushing is essential pet preventative care," said Dr. Grewal.

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