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BEIJING, Oct. 7, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The following is a roundup of the top news stories from China PRnews, Local Partner of NASDAQ OMX Group in China.

2012-9-24 [Source: Yunda Express]

Yunda Won the Title of '2012 Most Potential Corporation' by Ernst & Young and Fudan

Sept. 20, 2012, with an innovative management mode, the advantage of advanced information technology, and improved transport network, Yunda Express was listed in 20 of the most potential corporation selected by the internationally renowned financial advisory services firm Ernst & Young China (Ernst & Young), and Fudan University School of Management. The senior vice president Yunda Express attended the award ceremony.

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2012-9-24 [Source: Haier]

Haier Central Air Conditioner Received the Highest Award in the HVAC Forum

Recently, the 3rd China HVAC Brand Festival and HVAC Cultural Forum were held in Shenzhen, attracting many brands at home and abroad. With the powerful brand strength, Haier was highly appreciated by the experts in organizing committee, and conferred the highest award – Golden Ding Award.

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2012-9-26 [Source: Meidu Education]

Association of International Accountants China's 15th Anniversary Celebration Held in Shanghai

September 21, 2012, the 15th anniversary celebration for the Association of International Accountants (AIA) cooperation with Shanghai Lixin Auditorium University was held in Shanghai Lixin Auditorium University. The Mayor of the Financial City of London, the Consul General of the British Consulate General in Shanghai, AIA President of the Council, the leaders of Board of Education, the chief of Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants, party secretary of Shanghai Lixin University and leaders at all levels, all employees of Meidu Education (AIA China) as well as the 2012 session of the AIA graduates are invited to witness the 15 years of development of AIA in China.

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2012-9-27 [Source: Yunda Express]

Yunda Express Upgrades the Call Center

The Yunda Express has spent a lot to build a unified national customer service hotline 400-821-6789 telephone call system and put it into use. The aim is to facilitate customer orders, inquiries, consulting and tracking of express. The call system will further improve the ability and level of after-sales service, enhance customer experience and brand recognition.

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2012-9-27 [Source: Far East Group]

The Far East Cable Casting a Brand by Outstanding Quality

Far East Cable sales revenue keeps No. 1 of the national industry for 15 consecutive years, with the brand value of 12.303 billion yuan. Comprehensive quality management system, strong team building, and new methods to enhance the level of quality control are the secret of Far East Cable's success.

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2012-9-28 [Source: Meiling]

Meiling Stands in the Energy Efficiency Leadership List

Recently, the corporation leaders of China's energy-saving products standings for 2012 released in Beijing. Meiling, along with 15 production enterprises and 30 retail stores, a total of 45 brands and 199 types of products stand on the list, set the energy-saving benchmark for the household appliances field.

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2012-9-28 [Source: Linuo]

Linuo-Paradigma Elected as the Executive Unit of the Solar Appliances Professional Committee

September 24, the Solar Appliances Professional Committee of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association and the Solar Industry Development Forum was held in Beijing, formally announced the establishment of the Solar Appliances Professional Committee of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association. Linuo-Paradigma was elected the executive unit of the committee. The general manager of Linuo, Shen Wenming, attended the inaugural meeting and the Forum, and spoke at the conference on behalf of the industry.

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2012-9-29 [Haier]

Haier Shares its "Person and Order" Principle with CFOs

September 23, 2012, the eighth CFO Forum was officially opened in Qingdao themed as "Financial Model Upgrades and Enterprise Management Change". Many financial management experts from the famous central enterprises, Fortune 500 at home and abroad have attended the forum. Haier Group CFO, Tan Lixia, was invited to attend, share and discuss about Haier "Person and Order" financial management practices, which was unanimously affirmed and highly appraised by the participating experts, academics and corporate CFOs.

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2012-9-29 [Source: Ambow]

Ambow –Baidu Carrying out a Campus Tour on Network Marketing

Sept. 19, the large public events organized by Ambow Education and Baidu – "Ambow-Baidu Certified Network Marketing Campus Tour" launched in the Beijing Economic and Technological Vocational College for a second leg. The Baidu Senior Lecturer of Certified Network Marketing, Zuo Xiao, shared with students the knowledge of the Internet marketing with a search engine as the core.

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2012-9-29 [Source: Haoze]

Haoze Water Purifier Helps to Moisturize in the Dry Autumn

Drinking plenty of water in the dry autumn is the best, easiest timekeeping skincare method. Haoze straight drink machine adopts the APO+ security water purification technology to deeply adsorb water color, odor, chlorine, halogenated hydrocarbons, organic compounds, heavy metal ions and other harmful substances, and provide the skin with fresh, clean, pollution-free healthy water.

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