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AARHUS, Denmark, Oct. 8, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trifork has acquired a 15% ownership of the online platform The ownership is obtained by a commitment of a dedicated 1,000 hours development budget from Trifork. Besides that Trifork will support the further development of the company in the future. has entered the German gravestone market and has built a strong network of stonecutters and suppliers of gravestones across Germany. Recently the platform was launched under

" has with its focus on the gravestone market and its innovative distribution approach a strong potential to transform the German gravestone market. The platform has experienced substantial growth since the start, and has managed to attract suppliers and stonecutters across all of Germany", says Attila Schunke, one of the founders of the company.

"Trifork is proud of being a technology partner of These young people have with their energy and enthusiasm convinced us that they had a great idea. An idea that could be realized with their innovative thinking together with Trifork's IT-know-how and expertise in building advanced online-solutions. The platform we now have helped to develop is seen as a starting point with possibilities to be an online-platform for many other services.", says Jorn Larsen, CEO, Trifork.

Jorn Larsen continues: "The acquisition is in line with the strategy of Trifork focusing on building close partnerships with our customers. As a co-owner of we feel confident that Trifork will continue to provide the technology platform for the further growth of the company".

The content of this announcement will have no influence on the previously announced expectations for Trifork in 2012. Trifork expects for 2012 a total revenue of DKKm 230 and an EBITDA-result of DKKm 36.

About Trifork

Trifork was founded in 1996 and is listed on NASDAQ OMX in Copenhagen. It is an innovative software development company focusing on Mobile, Agile and Cloud. It develops and delivers business critical IT systems for several sectors including finance, healthcare, government, manufacturing and telecom. Trifork employs 180 people in 8 offices in Aarhus, London, Copenhagen, Zürich, Amsterdam, Krakow, Stockholm and San Francisco. At the end of 2011 Trifork had a market value at almost DKKm 256 / EUR 34M, with a turnover of DKKm 175 / EUR 23M.

About is a new online platform to facilitate the sales of gravestones in Germany. Having a strong network of stonecutters and suppliers delivers highly individual gravestone to its clients. The offices of are located in Frankfurt and Diez, Germany.

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