SuccessFactors 'Headlines' Puts the Power of Analytics in the Hands of Business Managers

CHICAGO, Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- HR Technology Conference & Expo 2012 -- SuccessFactors, an SAP company and leader in cloud-based business execution software, today introduced a new analytics capability to help business managers gain real-time insight into the performance of their workforce. SuccessFactors Headlines turns volumes of complex workforce data into actionable insight by proactively delivering managers the top "headlines" found in the data. Traditional workforce analytics applications require managers to comb through high-volume data and are mainly used on an ad-hoc basis—making it difficult for HR to have a measurable impact on business performance. With Headlines, managers who previously did not have the time or skills to find the needles of insight in the haystack of data, can now be served relevant metrics to help them keep on top of the dynamics in their changing workforce and make better fact-based decisions.


"The necessity to improve the usefulness of business analytics for everyone in business has been an issue for decades," said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer, Ventana Research. "The exclusive presentation of charts and reports in most analytics applications do not interpret analytics into a readable form that humans have used for centuries. SuccessFactors is innovating the industry with Headlines by providing an intuitive and personalized approach to analytics so that managers are presented with relevant data and recommendations for the most timely and impactful action."

SuccessFactors' Headlines represents a paradigm shift in Human Capital Management (HCM). SuccessFactors' Headlines is the first workforce analytics application to provide managers with a personalized "automated data analyst" that continually mines an organization's data, identifies hot spots that require attention and pushes personalized alerts to managers in common business language via mobile devices, email and web.

For instance, a manager could receive a Headline alert on his mobile device: "Your team is losing high potential employees. Sixty-six exited this month, double last month's count" - presented in plain business language. The manager can click to get insights behind this headline, and the app could also tell the manager which employees are at risk of leaving, based on the profile of those that left.

"With Headlines, we've put the power of advanced analytics in the hands of business managers in a way that is personalized and automated," said Dmitri Krakovsky, vice president, product management, SuccessFactors. "In other words, we're giving managers a personal data assistant that directly delivers relevant metrics in plain language on their device of choice."

Headlines leverages SuccessFactors' years of workforce analytics best practices. Features include:

  • Comprehensive Metrics: Comprehensive workforce metrics library and industry benchmark data.
  • Personalized: Custom configuration to personalize the metrics delivered to managers.
  • Predictive: Analytics that help predict future workforce hot spots and risks.
  • Built-in Strategy Bank: A powerful platform provides one click access from a headline to review additional insight and recommendations.
  • Choice of Access: Availability on any device (Web, mobile, iPad, etc.) and through collaboration tools such as e-mail and Jam.


Headlines is now available for SuccessFactors co-innovation customers, including Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble.

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