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New TalentBin Interest Scores to Provide Recruiters with a Quick Measure of the Intensity of a Candidates' Professional Interests

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- TalentBin, the talent search engine that turbo-charges talent discovery across the web, today announced the launch of TalentBin Scores, a new addition to the company's flagship social recruiting solution, providing a relative weight for how intensely candidates exhibit a given professional interest or skill across the web. TalentBin Scores will be unveiled in Booth #955 at the 2012 HR Technology Conference and Exposition, where the company will also be showcased as one of the most innovative software solutions that promise to enhance and improve the HR function in the "Awesome New Technologies for HR" session presented by HR technology guru Bill Kutik.

Since its launch this spring, TalentBin has quickly demonstrated its strength at filling in information gaps for recruiters and hiring managers by scouring the web for clues left by candidates on social media sites and online professional communities – delivering a more complete and well-rounded web resume.

Unlike online profiles or traditional resumes that lack an expressed measure of depth in a particular professional interest, TalentBin Scores provide an indicator of intensity of a given professional interest, to better help recruiters and hiring managers quickly assess if a candidate could be the right fit – significantly streamlining the filtering process.

With the addition of TalentBin Scores, the company is going deeper into the candidate profile, to not only tell prospective employers what a candidate knows, but the intensity with which they demonstrate that know how. Drawn from observable online activity, these indicator levels can not only help recruiters see the relative intensities of a candidate's various professional interests, but also help them compare the intensities of the same interests between multiple candidates. Ultimately, TalentBin Scores are designed to enable employers to more quickly and efficiently zero in on candidates most likely to fit their specific skills requirements for their open positions.

"As part of the TalentBin process of interpreting online professional activity to identify the skills that would be relevant to an employer, we naturally discovered that the skills and interests we found were not all at equal strength," explained Peter Kazanjy, co-founder of TalentBin. "When a recruiter is scanning LinkedIn or other professional profiles, they are lucky to get all the skills they are looking for listed – no less a scale of how deeply a candidate may be involved with a given skill or interest. TalentBin Score was created to solve that problem, providing a quick measure of the strength of those interests."

Currently, more than 100 leading companies, including Facebook, Groupon, Dolby, and Yahoo!, rely on TalentBin for their online sourcing and social recruiting needs. TalentBin aggregates a candidate's "implicit" professional activity from the skills and interests they reveal across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Meetup, Quora, and more, coupled with activity on other industry-specific social communities like GitHub, SourceForge, and Bitbucket for software engineering, for example. This additional information bolsters passive professional profiles with input that is vital to helping recruiters determine ideal job fit. The result is a more accurate, 360-degree view of a candidate that covers everything from professional skills to personal interests, information that does not usually appear on resumes or online professional profiles. TalentBin then takes it one step further, compiling all contact information such as email addresses, Twitter handles, and more to help facilitate direct candidate engagement.

TalentBin offers an API for seamless integrations with a wide range of software partners. The TalentBin solution already has over 200 million candidate profiles cultivated from the US Patent Database and over 30 professional social media communities, and growing. To make TalentBin a part of your talent sourcing and acquisition strategy, visit

About TalentBin
Based in San Francisco, TalentBin is focused on turbo-charging talent acquisition for recruiters and hiring managers with its talent search engine, turning the web into a virtually endless talent sourcing database. By crawling targeted professional networking sites to pull together composite web resumes - adding vital skills and expertise to traditionally sparse profiles – it helps make fast and definitive job matches. TalentBin has aggregated over 200 million professional profiles to date, and provides user access from anywhere as a web application, as a browser plug-in for Google Chrome, or within existing Recruiting CRM, ATS, or HRIS system through an API. With staff hailing from VMWare, eBay, and LinkedIn, TalentBin is funded by First Round Capital, Charles River Ventures, and Ron Conway's SV Angel. For more, visit

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