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Peoplefluent Changes Enterprise Collaboration and Engagement Landscape with Launch of Breakthrough Social HCM Product Suite

CHICAGO, Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Peoplefluent®, a leading human capital management technology company, today announced its updated Social HCM Product Suite.  With an enhanced end-to-end Talent Management suite, the Company is delivering a first-of-its-kind Social HCM Platform designed to dramatically accelerate collaboration workflow, increase productivity and inspire expanded employee engagement.  Moving away from current social models, which are often siloed or isolated within groups or functions, Peoplefluent's Social HCM Suite delivers a comprehensive and interactive enterprise social networking strategy to organizations that enables new Human Resources solutions that interact with knowledge resources across the organization.

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"The Human Resources team is taking a leadership role in transforming individual knowledge into corporate wisdom to inspire innovation and to accelerate the profitability and success of organizations around the world," said Gerry Murphy, President and CEO of Peoplefluent.  "We have listened to our customers, we have studied market dynamics and demographics, and we have taken our time to create a fully differentiated HCM solution for the Social Enterprise.  With today's news, we redefine Social HCM by delivering a dynamic enterprise 'brain trust' through a social platform, woven throughout all Talent Management disciplines, that is focused more on people than on process.  We are deeply committed to unlocking the intellectual assets and advancing the innovation inherent, yet untapped, in our customer organizations around the world."

With a heritage of innovation, recognized most recently with selection as a top HR product of the year by Human Resource Executive® for its mobile applications and selection for the "Awesome New Technologies for HR" session at the HR Technology® Conference & Expo for its newest Social HCM Suite, Peoplefluent has, again, built a product from the ground up, which brings to life a social, mobile and visual analytics experience to meet employees when, where and how they want to engage. 

"Enterprise Social Networking has become a mainstream priority for the majority of organizations and has completely replaced the stagnant environment delivered by the corporate Intranet.  Employers are realizing quickly that connecting people, processes and information into live 'knowledge hubs' fuels and nourishes idea flow and helps workers share, update and collaborate faster and more effectively," said Jim Lundy, Founder and CEO of Aragon Research. "The new Social HCM Product Suite delivered by Peoplefluent is a productivity strategy focused more on what employees know and how they can apply their knowledge and experience to advance the business than on their user ID and departmental silo."

Peoplefluent's Social HCM environment intersects with and enables all elements associated with an employee lifecycle providing engaging, robust and collaborative experiences with onboarding, ongoing performance management, real-time compensation analysis, and continuous learning opportunities.  Powerful analytics and data, video and content resource libraries, social networks, collaborative workspaces, corporate news feeds, workflow analysis, and dynamic and ongoing user interaction accelerate knowledge transfer and enable dynamic and deeply informed decision-making.  Specific product applications portal features will include:

Portal Applications

  • The Enterprise Profile – an employee's single profile that contains both talent management data (including work history, education, imported learning data and performance) as well as social data (including conversations and tags).
  • The Talent Management Application – a portion of the dashboard providing single click access to all talent management modules (including Recruiting, Compensation, Performance, and Succession workflows, analytics and processes) designed to put ongoing Talent Management processes that often require sign in to other applications into the flow of work for the employee.
  • My Connections Application – a section of the portal that provides easy access to all the people an employee interacts with most frequently. A single click can initiate communication using a variety of methods (including private post, IM, email and Skype).
  • The Visual Matching Engine Application – a way to find others in the organization who share common skills, experience, and/or professional interests.
  • Social Groups Application – a collaborative workspace and team-building functionality that provides a way to set up groups based on location, organization and projects, and to have conversations through micro-blogging and content sharing through collaborative workspaces.

Additional Portal Features and Functionality

  • Users can review and add to social conversations from any device (desktop, smart phone and tablet).
  • Users can access the content that is most useful to them through applications that highlight featured and trending content.
  • Users can personalize their dashboards by selecting and choosing the applications and content that are most useful to them and place them in the hierarchy they choose.
  • Users can quickly access a company dictionary application that provides an easy way to learn industry and company-specific terms and acronyms.  Like an internal Wikipedia, the dictionary can be updated by the employees throughout the company who use and know the terminology best.
  • Users can share best practices and tips in context Talent Management transactions with embedded conversation streams in Talent Management pages.  This feature enables additional content to serve as decision support and guidance.

Peoplefluent's Social HCM Suite extends far beyond embedded social features in traditional Talent Management products, and it is more comprehensive than a simple social envelope.  With this new suite, employees have a centralized dashboard and profile that serves as a portal to their individual and uniquely personalized engagement with peer groups, data and the processes associated specifically with their daily professional experiences and workflow. 

For a complete demo of Peoplefluent's new Social HCM Platform, please attend the "Awesome New Technologies" session at the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition, scheduled for Tuesday, October 9, 2012 from 1:45-3:00 p.m. and open to full conference attendees.

About Peoplefluent

Peoplefluent® is the leading provider of talent management software designed to support the entire workforce. We provide the mobile enablement, social collaboration, information visualization and the domain expertise required to empower strategic decision making and true employee engagement. Our talent solutions enable organizations to unlock each individual's potential by removing the boundaries that limit the performance and productivity of your workforce. With the most comprehensive talent suite in the industry including solutions for talent management, workforce compliance, contingent labor management, analytics and workforce planning, Peoplefluent offers a solution to optimize every step of the talent lifecycle.

Our solutions have helped over 5,100 organizations in 214 countries and territories successfully achieve their talent aspirations. Today, 80% of the Fortune 100 relies on Peoplefluent solutions as part of their talent management delivery strategy.

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