ECB's SMP holdings at 209.5 bln euros after revaluation

FRANKFURT, Oct 8 (Reuters) - The overall size of the European Central Bank's dormant government bond purchase programme grew to 209.5 billion euros from 209 billion euros after the quarterly amortisation, the ECB said on Monday.

The ECB terminated its Securities Markets Programme (SMP) last month to replace it with a new plan it hopes will be more effective in lowering struggling euro zone countries' borrowing costs.

As there were neither purchases nor maturing bonds held under the programme, the change in total value was completely due to revaluation, the ECB said on Reuters information page


As usual, the ECB will take an amount equivalent to the overall size of the SMP as weekly deposits from banks on Tuesday to counterbalance the buys and neutralise any threat of them fuelling inflation.


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(Reporting by Frankfurt newsroom; editing by Ron Askew)

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