Versant and Electrotank Take on Online Gaming's Speed and Scale Challenges With Java and NoSQL at GDC Online

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 8, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Versant Corporation (Nasdaq:VSNT), a worldwide leader in developing data management software infrastructure for complex, mission-critical applications, today announced that its customer Electrotank, one of the leading providers of high-performance online game technology, will deliver a presentation at GDC Online 2012 about how they are meeting the Big Data demands of online multiplayer games.

As mobile has taken the gaming industry by storm, bringing more and more people online and into the gaming fray, Big Data's challenges have become acute for game developers. Electrotank's session will offer a practical example of how Java-based standards can be used to leverage NoSQL technologies to make faster, more detailed experiences available to an ever-growing community of online gamers.

Electrotank's Director of Platform Engineering, RJ Lorimer will present the session "Lag Sucks: Making Online Gaming Faster with NoSQL, and without Breaking the Bank." As the technical lead for game technology products at Electrotank, RJ Lorimer oversees research and development, and manages integration and implementation with partner technologies and projects. His session will explore how the combination of Electrotank's cross-platform client-server game technology and Versant JPA for NoSQL data management solution can increase the persistence, performance and scalability of massively-multiplayer online games (MMOs), social games, and serious games for browsers and mobile devices.

"Whether they're playing World of Warcraft or social casino games, no one wants to experience a delay in the middle of their online gaming experience," said Versant's Vice President of Technology, Robert Greene. "This presentation will give attendees the chance to learn how to access new Big Data management and analytics technologies that meet the demands of a gaming crowd that is bigger than ever. Adding NoSQL to the mix will allow game developers to spend less while making gaming even more exciting for more people."

Session Details:
What: Speaking Session: "Lag Sucks: Making Online Gaming Faster with NoSQL, and without Breaking the Bank"
Who: RJ Lorimer, Director of Platform Engineering, Electrotank
When: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 4:50p.m. – 5:15p.m. CDT
Where: GDC Online, Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas; Room 15

For more information on GDC Online, please visit, and meet Versant at GDC Online in the exhibition hall at booth # 723 or contact For more information on Electrotank's session respective products, visit

About Versant

Versant Corporation (Nasdaq:VSNT) is an industry leader in building specialized NoSQL data management systems to enable the real-time enterprise. Using the Versant Database Engine, enterprises can handle complex information in environments that demand high performance, concurrency, and availability, significantly cut hardware and administration costs, speed and simplify development, and deliver products with a strong competitive edge. Versant's solutions are deployed in over 150,000 installations across a wide array of industries, including telecommunications, energy, financial services, transportation, manufacturing, and defense. For more than 20 years, Versant has been a trusted partner of Global 2000 companies such as Ericsson, Verizon, Siemens, and Financial Times, as well as the U.S. Government. For more information, call 650-232-2400 or visit

About Electrotank

Electrotank is a leading provider of high-performance game technology. Our products include ElectroServer, the most robust real-time multiplayer networking engine for Flash, Unity 3, iPhone, Android, XNA, and HTML5; and, the Electrotank Universe Platform (EUP), an extensible end-to-end platform for the rapid development of unique virtual worlds, MMORPGs, social games and serious games in Flash and Unity 3. For over a decade Electrotank's game technologies been delivering data-driven real-time multiplayer experiences to millions of online and mobile gamers.

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