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ANOFOL Expands Operations to North America

WALTON, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ANOFOL (, a division of Steinert Elektromagnetbau GmbH, has announced its expansion to North America.

ANOFOL US opened its North American headquarters in September, 2012 in Walton, KY. Located just outside of Cincinnati, ANOFOL US, a division of Steinert US, is positioned to provide high-quality anodized aluminium strip and coils to the North American market.

ANOFOL specializes in slitting, anodizing, and winding aluminium strip to produce electromagnetic coils. ANOFOL anodized aluminum strips are used in a wide range of electro technology applications as high-quality conductive material for coils. ANOFOL is manufactured with state-of-the-art production processes and extreme precision, utilizing the experience and expertise of Steinert Elektromagnetbau GmbH.

Coils from ANOFOL are an innovative answer in many different applications. High accuracy ANOFOL coils of all sizes are replacing copper coils in power supplies, positioning systems, torque motors, and induction heating plants.

The limitation of copper coils poses a challenge for the American market. Technical requirements in nuclear environments, aerospace, automotive, and separation technology industries demand high accuracy, low weight, and an optimised filling factor at temperatures up to 400°C.

ANOFOL US is located at 285 Shorland Drive, Walton, KY 41094. Jason Miller, Business Development Manager, can be reached at or 800.595.4014 or on the web at


ANOFOL, a business unit of STEINERT, specializes in slitting, anodizing and winding aluminium strip to produce electromagnetic coils.

STEINERT has been producing ANOFOL anodized aluminum strip for more than 25 years. The company's sophisticated technology has made ANOFOL a highly sought-after product for high performance conductive materials used in electro technical applications.


Founded in 1889, Steinert has long been recognized as the leader in magnetic separation technology. Over the last decade, Steinert has also become a leader in sensor sorting applications. Steinert provides electromagnetic drums, eddy current separators, and sorting systems based on induction, X-Ray, and near infrared. Today, Steinert is the only full range industry supplier based on product range, expertise, and customer service. Steinert provides full-service sales, support, and service across the globe. Steinert is headquartered Cologne, Germany with offices in the United States, Brazil, Australia, and Japan.

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