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Legal Sea Foods Lets Voters Choose Between Two D-electable Entrees: Diners Debate Between The "Blue" Or "Red" Plate Special

BOSTON, Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- More willing to serve sides than choose them, the famed Boston-based restaurant Legal Sea Foods has created two "Presidential" plates that pay tribute to the home and adopted states of this year's candidates.

From October 24 through November 5, all Legal Sea Foods restaurants will let diners vote between a d-electable "Blue Plate" or "Red Plate" special.  The "Blue Plate" dish features macadamia-coconut crusted mahi-mahi with roasted brussels sprouts in a lime butter sauce, while the "Red Plate" entree is a pan-seared cod with steamed spaghetti squash in bourbon lobster cream sauce.  Both are priced at $25.95.

"If there is anything that can get people to reach across the aisle – or the table, in this instance – it's one of these deliciously partisan plates," said Roger Berkowitz, president and CEO of Legal Sea Foods.  "Whether you lean left, stand in the middle or are to the right, both these seafood choices will get your vote."

President Obama's Hawaiian birth inspired the mahi-mahi choice, while Mitt Romney's tenure as Massachusetts Governor called for the inclusion of a Bay State staple, cod.

Berkowitz explained that these unique dishes are the perfect choice given today's political debates.

"Fish is healthy, so you have healthcare covered.  The price is attractive, so the economy will be bolstered.  Both menu items are American-made, so it helps with jobs and the trade deficit.  And as far as entitlements, we feel everyone is entitled to a delicious meal every day."

Legal's election coverage will also include a Facebook app on the Legal Sea Foods Facebook page that will allow anyone to vote for his or her preferred party (meal) at

Legal Sea Foods was founded more than 60 years ago as a small fish market in Inman Square, Cambridge.  Today, President and CEO Roger Berkowitz leads the company toward continued growth and diversification. With more than 30 restaurants along the East Coast, Legal Sea Foods has earned scores of honors and awards (its Clam Chowder has been served at every presidential inaugural since 1981) and proudly carries its well-earned reputation as the nation's finest seafood restaurant. For more information about Legal Sea Foods and its locations, please visit


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