Japan service sector sentiment slips in September

TOKYO, Oct 9 (Reuters) - Japan's service sector sentiment index slipped to 41.2 in September, a Cabinet Office survey showed on Tuesday, damaged by rising worries about the economic outlook.

The survey of workers such as taxi drivers, hotel workers and restaurant staff - called "economy watchers" for their proximity to consumer and retail trends - showed their confidence about current economic conditions declined from 43.6 in August.

The Cabinet Office began compiling the data in comparative form in August 2001.

The Cabinet Office said Japan's economy has been weakening recently, compared with its previous view that the economy had been picking up moderately but was showing weak movements.

The outlook index, indicating the level of confidence in future conditions, was 43.5 in September compared with 43.6 the month before.

(Reporting by Kaori Kaneko; Editing by Michael Watson)




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