Brief strike cuts some French thermal power output

PARIS, Oct 9 (Reuters) - A 24-hour strike in the French energy sector has cut production capacity at some thermal electricity plants, a CGT union official said on Tuesday, adding that workers had not lowered output capacity in the country's 58 nuclear power reactors.

France's CGT trade union called for a 24-hour strike in the energy sector is part of Tuesday's national day of protest against job cuts and plant closures called by CGT, France's biggest trade union.

"There are no cuts in the nuclear power sector but at E.ON fuel-fired power plants," a CGT official said, without making clear where the cuts had taken place and for what capacity.

German power group E.ON also announced last year that it would close four out of seven coal plants that it operates in France. It also has two gas-powered plants in the country.

E.ON's coal and gas plants in France have a combined electricity capacity of 3,000 megawatts, equivalent to about three nuclear reactors.

(Reporting By Muriel Boselli)